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You must trade it from Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen versions.

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Q: How do you get hoho in platinum?
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How do you get hoho on Pokemon Platinum?

you cant get hoho beacose there is law in Pokemon platinum that say that hoho is bad and he was vanisht forever but i really do think that hoho sucks lugia is actually stronger.

How do you catch a hoho in Pokemon platinum?

you need to migrate it from one of those original games

How do you catch hoho in Pokemon platinum?

trade from hg/ss or migrate from fire red/leaf green otherwise its impossible without cheating.

Where do you catch Hoho in Pokemon Silver?

You can catch Hoho at night.

How do you get hoho in Pokemon emerald?

first you have to use cut on all the grass in the game then hoho will come and attake you.

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Is the Pokemon hoho mew?

Absolutely not.

What type is hoho?

flying fire

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Can you catch hoho in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yes. You will be able to find Hoho on top of the bell tower after you have the rainbow wing and the clear bell and you can get lugia too

Can hoho breed?

No, because it is a legendary Pokemon.

Is hoho in bell tower?

yes he is on the rooftop

Where do you go after you catch hoho?

the elite four.

How can you get hoho in Pokemon black?

There are two different ways: An Action Replay Code Transferring Ho-oh through the Pokemon Transfer Lab from Heartgold, Soulsilver, Platinum, Pearl or Diamon Pokemon Versions

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Lugia and hoho?

They are in trophy garden honest its the truth

How do you get hoho in emerald?

you can find ho-oh in the colosseum

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Where can you see HOHO on Pokemon emerald?

navel rock

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