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How do you get huntail?


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you give clampearl a dragon scale or a dragon claw then trade it


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Huntail is a Water type pokemon.

you can't evolve huntail once it's a huntail to get gorebyss, trade a clampearl holding a deepseascale

No, Huntail isn't a legendary Poke'mon Card.

It is somewhat subjective as to whether Huntail is better than Gorebyss. Some would consider Huntail better for comparative play.

You can you only get via trading, as Clamperl and Huntail are available in FR.

Huntail is #367 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water type Pokemon.

huntail has more attack and gorebyss has more defense

You can not go out and catch huntail in the wild you have to have a clampearl and give it a deep sea tooth.

"Gia(Indonesia)(" Huntail isn't evolve to Gorebyss.

for huntail,you have to trade clamperl holding a deepseatooth for gorebyss, you have to trade clamperl holding a deepseascale

Huntail evolves once you trade a Clampearl w/ the Deepseatooth attached to it.

If you have a clamperal you can evovle it into a huntail

Gorebyss and Huntail are the next evolution of Clamperl, somewhere in the game you get the choice between a deepseascale or a deepseatooth... You give it to your Clamperl and then trade your Clamperl as it is holding it. The deepseascale makes it turn into a Gorebyss The deepseatooth makes it turn into a Huntail

Well it depends on what you want, (Gorebyss or Huntail) if you want Gorebyss you evolve it by letting it hold a deepseascale and trading it to someone at the same time, and for huntail you give Clampearl a deepseetooth and trade it with someone and when you get it back it's a Huntail.

according huntail has a higher attack while gorebyss has a higher special attack all other stats are the same.

Simply put? It can't be done. You MUST trade a Clamperl with a DeepSeaTooth or DeepSeaScale to evolve them into a Gorebyss or Huntail.

You will not be able to catch a wild Huntail in Pokémon White 2 however you will be able to find a wild Clamperl in Route 4. Once you've found Clamperl, you can attach the DeepSeaTooth item to it and then trade it to another player's game and it will evolve into Huntail.

give it to a clampearl and trade it and it will evolve into a huntail.

If you mean Clamperl from Pokemon, then It evolves into Gorebyss, or a Huntail. It evolves into a Gorebyss if it is traded while holding a DeepSeaScale, and it evolves into a Huntail if traded while holding a DeepSeaTooth.

Give the deepseascale to clamperl and trade and trade back and it will evolve into a huntail. Give the deepseascale to clamperl, trade and trade back and it will evolve into a huntail.

You can't catch either trade a clampearl holding deepseascale or deepseatooth to a friend take it back to receive huntail or gorebyss to get the other a friend must have it.

clampearl doesn't evolve from level ups. It evolves from holding things during trades. Deep sea tooth for huntail Deep sea scale for gorebyss

you have to get a deepseatooth give it to a clampearl and trade it. it will evolve!

trade clampearl while holdind some tooth item

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