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How do you get in the mood for sex?

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finger ma self

2010-09-27 18:09:41
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How to get in the mood for sex?

Look at her or him naked

Is there any foods for sex mood?


Is sex addicting?

When we use mood-altering activities or drugs to the extent that they cause problems in our lives, yet we continue to do so, we are probably addicted. Any mood-altering experience can be addictive, and sex is certainly mood-altering.

What can boost your mood and your immune system the more you do it?


How do you make girl in sex mood?

just talk about sex.. make her horny really horny

What movie gets girls in the mood for sex most?


Is foreplay and fingering while being naked considered sex?

yes it is considered sex because it calms the mood

How can you get your girlfriend in the mood for sex?

Compliment her, get her horny, and then eventually she might ask you.

Where should men kiss to bring girl in a sex mood?


Best way to get girl in mood?

the best way to get your girl in the mood before sexual intercourse is foreplay and maybe some oral sex

Where to kiss a girl to get her in sex mood?

Start by kissing her neck and then work down

What does it mean if a girl isn't in the mood?

she doesn't want to have sex with you at that time. (or be imtimate.)

How is sex good when your pregnant?

Its not really good or bad for the baby if your in the mood to have sex while pregnant go ahead. It will satify your needs(:

Why is sex so addicting along with the emotional stress afterwards?

It is mood-altering. If you have emotional stress after sex, you should consider speaking with a therapist. Sex is supposed to be fun.

How do you get your boyfriend in the mood for sex?

if you're trying to get a guy in the mood you should kiss his neck really lightly at first. Just don't be too pushy.

Can someone one get pregnaut when they wheren't in the mood?

that's the dumbest thing i ever heard anyone ask when people get rapid are they in the mood to have sex? NO of course you can

How do you tempt a girl to a sex mood?

send her some Naughty texts (no pictures but texts)

How do you ready a girl for sex?

you try to get her naked and then start playing with her a little just get her in the mood.

How can you tell if you in the mood for sex?

A male will have an erection, and a female will be wet. Good day, sir.

What changes will happen when the girls are in the mood of sex?

Hell will freeze over and pigs will fly when girls are in the mood for sex. Other changes include: A possible eventual increase in the number of dependents one can claim on their income taxes. She'll be possibly needing a maternity wardrobe. She'll possibly ask if you want to have sex.

Is sex in the shower good?

It can be, if both people are in the mood for something a little different are careful not to slip.

What is the mood of the book on the brightside I'm now the girlfriend of a sex god?

Very great movie.

Is Charles Heath uncle to John Heath? /5-easy-ways-get-mood-sex/

What girls do when they got sexual mood?

Some will do nothing & some will masturbate & others will have sex with someone!!

How do you get a girl in the mood?

You can't......Women don't enjoy sex....They just hold it for ransom if you don't do what they want!