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you have to beat the elite four plus the champion

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What is the 486 Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

Regigigas is Pokemon #486 on Pokemon Platinum. To get it, go to the Snowpoint Temple with Regirock, Registeel, and Regice.

Where do you find jynx in Pokemon platinum?

You get them in Snowpoint temple after you get the national dex.

Where is snowpoint temple on Pokemon sapphire?

You Can't... that's in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum

Where do you get regigigas in Pokemon platinum?

you get him at snowpoint temple in snowpoint city but first you need regiice regirock registeel.

What do you do with all of the lake Pokemon in Pokemon platinum after you caught them?

You are now able to battle the Pokemon in the snowpoint temple.

How do you get into the snowpoint temple pokemon platinum?

You need to have Regice, Regirock and Registeel in your team.

How do you get regigies in Pokemon platinum?

You have to have regice, regirock and registeel. Then go to the snowpoint temple.

How do you get a level 1 on Pokemon platinum?

regeggias in snowpoint temple with regirock regiice and registeel on platinum only

How do you get to snowpoint temple in Pokemon Platinum?

Snowpoint temple is in the back of snowpoint city. In order to enter though you need to have beaten the Pokemon league and completed the sinnoh pokedex. by Electchu: how in the world do you get to complete the sinnoh pokedex with out regigigas?

How do you get a regigigas in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to have regice,registeel,and regirock in your party then go to the snowpoint temple in snowpoint city and go all the way down to the bottom of the temple and regigigas will be there

Can you get regigigas without going to snowpoint temple in pokemon platinum?

No, but if you do get there make shure you have all regigs.

What level is regigigas?

If you receive it through Mystery Gift, it'll be level 100, but you can encounter it at level 70 in Snowpoint Temple in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In Pokemon Platinum, you can find it at level 1 in Snowpoint Temple.

Where do you find regigigas in Pokemon platinum?

u have to get all three regis and then go to the temple in snowpoint city

How do you see Regigigas in Pokemon Platinum?

you need the three regis then go to snowpoint temple after beating the game

How do you get past the ice floor in the Snowpoint City Temple in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to win the champion and fill your pokedex. (^^)

Where is a rigigas in Pokemon platinum?

its in the snow temple after you find your way through the ice maze in snowpoint city

How do you get into the ruins at snowpoint city in Pokemon platinum?

To get into the Temple, you have to have beaten the gym leader and you need the National Pokedex.

How do you get regigigigus in Pokemon platinum?

get all 3 of the other regi's data in your pokedex, beat the snowpoint city gym, and go into the temple in snowpoint city

What Pokemon is number 170 in Pokemon Platinum?

the Pokemon your looking for is glaceon.oh and you'll need to find a ice crystal in the snowpoint city temple.

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