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You simply can't go there.

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there is one in hearthhome mansion in one of the rooms

The are NO soothe bells you can BUY in Pokemon Diamond. but if you want you can even get a Soothe Bell for free in Pokemon Diamond, just walk to the Pokemon Mansion and walk into the rooms, one of the rooms contains a soothe bell. Hope this helps.

You cant they will never let you in.not 100% sure i have pearl

The best way to get into the secret rooms in the Pokemon mansion is to find a cheat code for the Pokemon game and install it before playing. You should then be able to easily get into the secrets rooms on floors 2 and 3.

I dont think that has anything to do with pokemon.......

go to Pokemon mansion where the trophy garden is look in all thr rooms and their will be a book

There is a variety of Ghost type Pokemon in the mansion. You can find Rotom the legend after completing Sinnoh Dex and thumping on the TV in one of the rooms in the mansion upstairs. Also in one of the rooms upstairs there is a picture with glowing red eyes. Run back and forth from it to find gengar. Haunter and Gastly should appear naturaly.

go to the mansion and talk to one of the maids in one of rooms on the left.

No, But there are 2 Secret Rooms in Luigi's Mansion.

If your talking about the mansion with the rooms the maids are gaurding , You cant not even with ar you just go in to a black screen if you use walk through walls cheat.

They are unavailable rooms with no map. Attempting to use the Walk Through Walls doesn't enter into any kind of room, instead phasing through the doorway. They just serve as a decoration.

You can catch rotom by going in eterna forest and going in the house but you need a Pokemon that knows cut and when you get in the mansion you find 5 rooms and you go to the one on the nearest left and you click A on the TV and rotom will come out to battle

misdreavus , haunter, castform. Rotom sadly it is the only one. to get it 'talk' to the tv in one of the rooms. he's lv15

The governor's mansion in Topeka, Kansas has 12 rooms. For more information, see the Related Link.

in the solaceon ruins. They are only in the rooms where a random unown appears.

just walk in the rooms and i guess that she will eventually come.

you need action replay and the action replay code to walk through walls. no that does not work i tried it.

There are a few ways I believe. Buy it vitamins and feed it them, battle with it repeatedly(Don't let it faint), feed it Poffins(It's favorite flavor for best results), give it massages. There is a woman in the Old Chateau/Pokemon Mansion in one of the rooms to the left. Find her and she will give you a Soothe bell, give this to a Pokemon and it will like you more.

Yes, you can catch Unown in Diamond. They are in the Solaceon Ruins in the Sinnoh region. Different forms of Unown will appear in the different rooms.

The Sarah Winchester mystery house contains 160 rooms.

To be frank...nothing. It's an in-game teaser. If you try to pass with action-replay or otherwise, you enter a completely black room, and the game will eventually freeze. I know, disappointing...but you cannot get anything out of going into the rooms.

After 7.00pm, go to the mansion in the forest next to eterna, and go upstair. Talk to the television in one of the rooms and rotom appears

In the Pokèmon Mansion, (South of Hearthome City) in one of the rooms on the left, there is a maid who gives you a Soothe Bell.

A house is a conventional building for a family to live in with from 4 to 10 rooms. A mansion is the home of a rich man with maybe 20 rooms and often surrounded by a lot of land.

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