How do you get in to the secret door on club penguin?

It depends on what secret door your talking about. And honestly, that's why its CALLED a SECRET DOOR. But, I'll tell you. There's 1 in the Dance Club. Its the speaker by the Dance Contest Sign-Up Sheet and the DJ Booth. It leads to the boiler room. Another hidden door is the Manhole located in the Plaza. Its on the sidewalk in between the Pet Shop and the Stage. It leads to the Cave, which is the pool. Another hidden door is for Ninjas and it is at the Dojo. The door has a Large stone covering it with writing in a Foriegn Language. If you scroll over to it the stone will go down so you can see the door. ( Ninjas Only! ). If your a member, click the stone that is glowing in a red color and has a fire symbol on it and click it and a special door will come up that leads to the Volcanoe where you can train to be a Fire Ninja! The LAST hidden door that I know of is in the HQ, which is ONLY for Secret Agents. You must be at least 30 days old ( Your Penguin ) to take the Agent Quiz, and if you pass you will get a Spy Phone which allows you to teleport to places without clicking the map and special access to the HQ. If you have the CP game Elite Penguin Force, which is for the DS and DSi, you will get access to the Command Room. The door to the Command room is in the HQ [Obviously] and is disguised as a Cabinet. Its the light brown cabinet on the right of the screen. If you can get in, you will know because all the drawers and stuff will pop out when you scroll over to it, so if you don't see that happen then don't try to get in. There is also a portal that Members can buy from the Better Igloos Catalog when its available that allows you to go to the Box Dimension. Only Members can buy it, but EVERYONE is allowed to enter it.

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