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You can get a DragonFable trainer that will do many different things depending on which one you get. I recommend the trainer by Atheros, which you can find by searching Google for "Atheros DragonFable trainer." Its functionality includes more than just infinite health, but I'll let you discover the other features as a surprise! :)

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โˆ™ 2012-02-29 00:33:36
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Q: How do you get infinite health in Dragon Fable?
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How do you improve your dragon's health on Dragon Fable?

The more level for your character you get.The more your dragon will be better.

How do you get infinite health on dragon quest nine?

Use an Action Replay.

How do you get extra life for your dragon in Dragon Fable?

Your dragon health increases as yours does. You go up a level and gain 20 hp, the dragon gains 20 hp. There is basically no way to increase dragon health significantly

How get Training points Dragon Fable?

I heav dragon fable

Can you get a dragon without the amulet on dragon fable?

No,you need a dragon amulet to summon, elementalize, and train your dragon on dragon fable

How do you make your pet dragon sleep on Dragon Fable?

The way you make your dragon sleep on dragon fable is all too simple.

Do you need dragon aumulet to finish Dragon Fable?

you cant finish dragon fable because it has 1,000 dragon amulet quest in there:(

What is a dragon warior in Dragon Fable?


Where can I buy the chichen armor in Dragon Fable?

You can buy it at cyseros orb in his store in dragon fable but it cost dragon coins

How do you become a guardian on Dragon Fable?

To become a guardian on dragon fable you have to click on the button and you have to pay

Where are the dragon eggs in dragon fable?

in dragon fable go to Twilly and click on dragon egg saga do all the quests get a dragon amulet and there you go pick your egg and you have a dragon

What is da in Dragon Fable?

DA stands for dragon amulet in dragon fable. it's an cool upgrade but you have to buy it with real money.

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