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you get intestinal worms because if you use the bathroom and you get it bye poop or pee they come out

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Do intestinal worms squim in your stomach?

If you have them, they do. But intestinal worms in humans in the western world is rare.

Do worms have defecate?

Yes. Worms have an intestinal tract and an anus.

Can turpen time kill intestinal worms?

While turpentine might kill intestinal worms outside of the human body, it can cause serious harm if ingested. To kill intestinal worms it is best to get a prescription from a licensed physician.

Can dogs have leeches in their feces?

No,intestinal worms and tape worms are possibilities

How much garlic is needed to worm a chicken?

Chickens rarely get intestinal worms, but if they do get intestinal worms garlic is not an effective deworming agent. You would need to talk to your veterinarian to get a deworming drug to clear the worms.

Are maggots intestinal worms?

yes No they are fly lava.

Do you have intestinal worms?

You might have intestinal worms if you play outside with your dogs after school. This is only true if you play with them in a hurtful or degrading way that could make them feel sad or rejected.

Can turpentine kill intestinal worms?

Don't try drinking toxic substances to kill your intestinal worms; see your doctor and get a prescription for the correct medicine that will kill the worms without also killing yourself. I found some information which may help you make a more informed decision regarding the treatment of intestinal worms. Try this site .... http://howto.yellow.co.nz/health-nutrition/health-concerns-health-nutrition/intestinal-worms-%E2%80%93-the-threat-inside-you/

Why are some children infected with intestinal worms?

Some children get infected with intestinal worms from infected animals. They can also get them from other people who are infected. Worm are typically thread through the feces.

Can turpentime cure intestinal worms?

Turpentine is said to cure intestinal worms and other parasites, although this has not been medically proven. It is also said to help cure yeast infections.

Are worms in humans contagious?

Some worms, or intestinal parasites, in humans are contagious. These parasites are called zoonotic. These worms include hookworms, whipworms and roundworms.

Examples of endoparasite of farm animals?

Liverfluke, Lung worm, Stomach Worm, Intestinal Worm, Tape worms, Round worms, Bladder worms.

What could be reason for itchy anus?

It could be caused by intestinal worms.

Are tapeworms intestinal worms?

yes, they can grow inside humans intestines.

What has the author Georg Hieronymus Welsch written?

Georg Hieronymus Welsch has written: 'Georgii Hieronymi Velschii Exercitatio de vena medinensi' -- subject(s): Intestinal and parasitic Worms, Worms, Intestinal and parasitic

What are some home remedies for curing intestinal worms?

Some home remedies for intestinal worms are : Garlic capsules, Black Walnut's juice, Tea that contains Wormwood, Pumpkin seeds, freshly ground coconut. among others.

Are worms consumers decomposers or producers?

Earthworms are both decomposers and consumers. Most other worms are either larvae and are only called worms, while worms like intestinal worms feed off of your food so they are probably consumers.

What is deworming used for?

Well, animals can pick up worms (we are not talking about earthworms here, you know but a kind of intestinal parasite) from things they pick up off the ground. Deworming kills the worms in their intestinal tract. Humans can get worms too. Deworming is used to remove parasites from the horse that are squatting in its intestine.

Can hores give humans worms?

The common intestinal parasites carried by horses are not transmissible to humans.

Why does your cat scoot on his butt?

The most likely answer is that he has intestinal worms; he should be examined by a veterinarian to determine this.

Do Cats have worms?

Cats can have worms by licking another cat's rectal area, by biting and swallowing fleas (which turn into worms in the intestinal tract, or eating mice or other wildlife which might have worms inside them. Most cats get worms by the simple problem of fleas. Always treat for BOTH fleas AND worms.

What causes intestinal worms?

Swallowing the worm eggs causes intestinal worms. Always cook your meat properly to kill any parasites within the flesh. Also, wash your hands before touching your face so you don't get microscopic eggs from dirt into your mouth.

What do large parasites look like?

Large parasites such as intestinal worms are easily seen with the naked eye. These are roundworms, flukes, and tapeworms. They usually lay their eggs on the intestinal walls.

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