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On Mafia Wars you can't get jailed like on Mobsters.

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Q: How do you get jailed on MySpace Mafia Wars?
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What is 'jailed' on Mafia Wars?

On Mafia Wars you can't get jailed. On Mobsters a similar game to Mafia Wars you can get jailed though.

How do you get jailed on Mafia Wars?

On Mobsters you can get jailed by losing a fight against a boss such as Luis Castana but on Mafia Wars you can not get jailed.

How do you remove yourself from MySpace Mafia Wars?

To remove yourself from MySpace Mafia Wars all you have to do is delete the application.

Where can you download the MySpace version of Mafia Wars?

You can't download the MySpace version Mafia Wars, you can only add the application on MySpace or Facebook.

Are there any cheats for MySpace Mafia Wars?

No, there are no longer anymore cheats for Mafia Wars.

Do you have to pay to join Mafia Wars?

No Mafia Wars is a free application on MySpace and Facebook.

When can you play russia on Mafia Wars MySpace?

Not at the moment, only on Facebook Mafia Wars

Where can you play Mafia Wars not on Facebook?

Mafia wars is also available in MySpace and Tagged.

What is jail in Mafia Wars?

There might be a jail on Mob Wars but on Mafia Wars for MySpace or Facebook there is no jail.

How do you add friends to your mafia on MySpace Mafia Wars?

You can find add trains such as to add people. Then you just add them as a myspace friend and then go to the my mafia tab on Mafia Wars to add them to your mafia.

Are there any cheats for Mafia Wars on MySpace?

No there aren't any cheats for Mafia Wars anymore.

What are the cheats codes for Mafia Wars on Myspace?

There aren't any cheat codes for Mafia Wars anymore.

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