Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team

How do you get legendary island in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

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You have to continue battling Articuno Zapdos or moltres. Eventually one will ask to join your team. Say YES!!!!!!! and you will get the friend area as well

you need to recruit zapdos first,then moltres,last articuno.then oce you recruited them,talk to alakazam and you will gain access to silver trench then battle lugia.

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How do you get friend area in Legendary Island in Pokemon mystery dungeon red?

it comes with the Pokemon

Is there an island called legendary island in diamond?

No. It is a friend area in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red Rescue Team.

What is Moltres' Friend Area in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Moltres' Friend Area is Legendary Island. You get Legendary Island upon recruiting Moltres, Zapdos, or Articuno.

How do you get the friend area 'Legendary Island' in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red?

get moltress,articuno or zapdos.then they will say"u have just unlocked legendary island".

How do you get Legendary Island on Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

You get it when you recruit one of the trio birds, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno.

In Pokemon Red mystery dungeon how do you get Zapdos' friend area?

That would be Legendary Island. You get it when you recrit Articuno, Zapdos, or moltres.

Pokemon zapados in the power plant?

If you mean in Mystery Dungeon no. Zapdos's Friend area is Legendary Island which you get Auotmaticly after it joins your team

What Pokemon lives at final island on Pokemon mystery dungeon red?

There is no dungeon called final island, if you mean western cave then the answer would be mewtwo

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon how do you get legendary island?

To get legendary island go to articuno,zapdos or moltres and recruit either one of them. you can recruit them one by one. just walk in circles in the battle field at least 3 times. You can recruit other legendary Pokemon by doing the same thing. Once you recruit zapdos ,articuno or moltres you will automaticly get the friend area legendary island.

How may levels does Zero Island Have in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

99 floors

How many floors are there in blizzard island Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

there are 20 floors.

Where is Scizor on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

Blizzard Island You have to defeat Froslass in Blizzard Island to rescue him.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 where can you get an amber tear?

In the Zero Island West B40F

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Who lives in final island?

not sure maybe mew?

What is latios's and latias's friend area in Pokemon blue mystery dungeon?

southern island

How many floors are in blizzard island in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorer of time?

There are about 20.

What happens when you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red?

You will gain access to the Silver Trench which contains Lugia on the 99th floor if you have recruited all three legendary birds and talk to Alakazam and then go to the Legendary Island friend area.

What do you do after Ho-oh on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue?

Go to Legendary Island and have Moltres Articuno and Zapdos recruted. Then you get access to Silver Trench which is 99f and on the hundreth floor you get to battle Lugia

Can you save your self after you die in mystery dungeon?

yes you can save yourself in Pokemon mystery dungeon only if you have another runoff the game lets say you have Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time if you have explorers of darkness and are able to go to pelipper island you can send yourself a wonder mail.

How many floors in blizzard island in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

=20 Floors=

Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time after blizzard island where is Sunflora?

with scizzor,i'm just guessing

How many floors are there in blizzard island on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

I think it is 20 or less

In Pokemon Blue Mystery Dungeon what is the friend area for latias?

Its called southern island i hope it helped.

How many floors are there in zero island east in Pokemon mystery dungeon exporers of time?

40 floors

How many floors are there in zero island north in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

there are 75 floors in zero island north