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California has set criteria for an insurance UNDERWRITER to become approved to issue insurance.

Start with the California Department of Insurance. Their website is:

Becoming an AGENCY has a separate criteria than an UNDERWRITER being approved to issue insurance.

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Q: How do you get licensed to write title insurance?
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Where do you get title insurance?

You obtain title insurance from a licensed title insurance agent; I would not purchase it from a captive agent (that is, from the lender providing my loan, or from the realtor listing/selling the house).

Were can you go to get title insurance?

Look for a licensed title insurance agent with an office in the state you are transacting business in. You can contact your state insurance administration for information or a list of licensed agents in your state or look on line for a licensed title insurance agent in your local area. I would recommend confirming they are licensed and bonded. You can also check other qualifications by looking for a title company affiliated with local chambers of commerce and or professional associations like ALTA.

Where do you get non owner car insurance?

It is available through most licensed insurance agents who write auto insurance.

What is a NJ resident title producers license?

In NJ you must have a title insurance producer's license in order to effect or sell title insurance. A "resident" producer's license is for someone residing (a resident) in the state of New Jersey. A "foreign" producer's license would be someone living outside of NJ, but effecting or selling title insurance. A licensed title producer can: perform title examinations, prepare title commitments/binders, give title insurance quotes, sell title insurance products/services, perform real estate closings/settlements and issue title insurance policies. Anyone receiving title insurance commissions must be licensed, including attorneys. A non-licensed person working in a title agency may perform administrative acts only that do not involve the above, which are considered "effecting and selling" title insurance. A resident producer is licensed bi-annually and required to take Continuing Education during each licensing period.

How do you get licensed to write title insurance in New York?

As of today, NY state does not require a state or local test to become licensed. The only requirement is filing forms with the state, and fingerprinting. The title buearu (Dept. of State) has said that they think licensing in NY will not be instituted until 2010 or later.

How do you start a title company in New York State?

Make sure that you are licensed as an insurance producer.

Your car title and car insurance have to be in the same state?

no yo can use the internet to find the best deal from any insurance company that is licensed to insure in your state.

What government agency oversees title insurance companies?

Each State is different. In Maryland we are governed by the Maryland Insurance Administration. We also have to abide by RESPA rules and regulations, and the guidelines set forth by our Title insurance underwriters. Typically, it is the state's Department of Insurance or Banking and Insurance that oversees the Underwriters and Agencies. That does not mean that each state has licensing requirements in order to effect title, but simply that the title insurance process of issuing insurance policies for title is regulated by the state. Some state require title agencies and producers to be licensed and pass examinations, others do not.

Where do you purchase title insurance?

When purchasing or refinancing a home, you will have settlement conducted by a Title Company, the title company is also the licensed title insurance provider. Up to two policies will be issued. Maryland Specific: If you are purchasing a property and taking out a loan, the lender will require a Lenders Title Insurance Policy. And you will have the option of purchasing an owners title insurance policy for your protection. If you are refinancing your current home then the lender will only require the lender's policy. In both instances the title insurance policies will be issued at the time of closing.

How can a licensed acupuncturist become a licensed provider for insurance?

You can take an exam to sell insurance for various companies. Being a licensed acupuncturist has nothing to do with being an insurance salesperson.

Where can I go in Texas to get some temporary insurance for six months?

Any licensed car insurance company can write a policy for you. Most companies only write car insurance policies for 6 months so that should be easy to find.

How do you start a title company in Illinois?

There are many steps in starting a title company regardless of the locale. The very first step is registering your name, getting authority to do business in the state by the secretary of state or similar agency that oversees the development of business entities. Then you need to get licensed by the agency in your state that regulates insurance companies/agencies so that you can sell title insurance in your state. Once you are licensed to conduct business in the state and also to sell title insurance in the state, you then go about starting your business.

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