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How do you get mara points in marapets?

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MP stands for Mara Points. It is the main currency of the site, along with RP (Restock Points) and BP (Baspinar Points).

Yes, Mara Pets is VERY FUN! Mara Pets is free, fun, and no download needed!!! below is the link to get to Mara Pets!!! but on my computer marapets takes a long time to load. that doesn't mean you shouldn't make an account though.

The website is a fun website. But the literal meaning? Mara means bitter, so Bitter Pets! :D

Marapets has a nice community of friendly players, and has many adorable pets. Marapets has many games to play, lots of fun places to explore, and quests you can do to get special items. You can also earn marapoints, baspinar points, and restock points, which can be used to buy items. If you're looking for a good pet site, join Marapets!

Go 2 games and play any 1 you want!But if you have alot of points you can win big!:-)

RP (Restock Points) is a currency in Marapets that is similar to MP. It can be obtained from Leprechaun quests and restocking from the main shops - the rarity of the item you restock is equal to the amount of RP you get.

There are no hacks or cheats for Marapets.

You go to the the marapets website. It's a fun virtual pet world. Its a free sign up, to get there go to the marapets website.

Marapets has no passwords required, unlike Neopets.

No. It is not possible for Neopets to have copied Marapets as Neopets was around first. Neopets came into existence in 1997, Marapets came around in 2004.

MaraPets is a free virtual pet site where you can dress up dolls. TO get rich on MaraPets, you must go questing often.

Neopets, for sure is a website very close to Marapets.

i do club layouts on marapets for 50,000 and my username is maxyz

You can visit for all the latest restocking times on Marapets :)

You need them to send a pet to another player. If you want to find them, go to pets, pet exchange then collect pet exchange points. The link is

all computer games risk you of having a viruses, but marapets has a lot of viruses!

marapets is a site for kids , teens , and adults. its really fun you can have you own pet and you can do anything with them.

You get banned on Marapets from begging other players and being disruptive. Also, you can get caught cheating

Marapets is a game similar to Neopets, but has a few differences, such as having your own human character.Marapets has many fun flash games for you to play. New games are always being added! Marapets also has a few dressup games where you can dress up celebrities with different clothing.

There are three ways to get Bp on marapets ~trading ~playing certain games ~battling with trading cards

Yes, Marapets is totally 100% free. You can purchase Account Upgrades, but there is no obligation whatsoever to purchase them.

Marapets was supposedly created by Ian and Laimay, meant for just a friend site, but it eventually grew and now has more then 1 million users. Although it is not sure for certain who actually created marapets.

Not at all! Like myself, I play marapets on a constant ratio and many other males play this game as well. Marapets was created for both genders to have fun with pets and not worry about paying anything like in Neopets. Consider Marapets as the mirror to neopets, except simpler, and a much nicer community with moderators online. Marapets was designed so that it had aspects for both GUYS and GIRLS. That is why you can find a clothing shop for both genders on Minipet Island. Marapets Username: Callacose (Male)

As they change considerably, the most accurate answer would be to ask in the "Pets" subforum of the "Marapets Chat" forum.

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