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How do you get married in Harvest Moon DS and DS Cute?


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Marriages Candidates:

Bachelorettes in Harvest Moon DS:

Forget-Me-Not-Valley Bachelorettes:

Celia, Muffy, Nami, Lumina, and Flora

Special Bachelorettes:

The Harvest Goddess, The Witch Princess, Keria, and Leia

Mineral Town Bachelorettes:

Mary, Ann, Popuri, Karen, and Elli

Bachelors in Harvest Moon DS Cute:

Forget-Me-Not-Valley Bachelors:

Marlin, Rock, Gustafa, Griffin, and Carter

Speical Bachelor:


Mineral Town Bachelors:

Gray, Cliff, Trent, Rick, and Kai

Basic Requirements:

To get married you must complete all the marriage requirements for that person. The basic requirements you must complete for any marriage candidate are:

-Upgrade your house twice

You can use the phone in your house to hire Gotz. He will upgrade your house. But the option to upgrade your house will not become available until you buy the Table. You can buy the Table from the Shopping Network. To unlock the Shopping Network you must buy at least one item from Karen's Supermarket on ten different days. On the tenth day you will rescue the Harvest Sprite that runs the Shopping Network. After you upgrade your house the first time, the second upgrade instantly become available.

-Buy the Double Bed

This can be bought from the Shopping Network once your house has been upgraded a second time.

-Have a Red Heart with the person

Talk to the person and give them gifts they like to earn LP. It takes 60,000LP to have a Red Heart.

-See all four of the Heart Events:

There is a Black, Purple, Blue, and Yellow Heart Event for each person. The Heart Events will still work if you have any Heart Color that comes after the required color. In Harvest Moon DS Cute Skye has an extra heart event, a Green Heart Event.

-Rescue the Harvest Goddess

This will happen once you rescue your 60th Harvest Sprite. There are 101 Harvest Sprites in all but you only need 60 in order to get married.

After you do all that you can successfully propose to most marriage candidates with the Blue Feather.

-The Blue Feather will become available in Karen's Supermarket once any marriage candidates reaches on Orange Heart Color. But don't propose until the Heart turns Red.

After the person accepts your proposal the wedding takes place one week later. Unless that day is a festival, then the wedding is pushed back a day. The wedding takes place on the beach unless you marry one of the special marriage candidates.

Extra Requirements:

The Witch Princess, Leia, and the Harvest Goddess have extra requirements.

Witch Princess: Give her at least 10,000 gifts.

Leia: You must have the Duck Pond built on your farm

Harvest Goddess: Be in year five or later

Ship at least one of every item

Get the Legendary Sword

Unlock the field behind the waterfall

Discover every item in each of the four mines

Rescue all 101 Harvest Sprites

Other Information:

Harvest Moon DS:

-There are copies of the NA version of Harvest Moon DS with glitches that makes it impossible to marry the Harvest Goddess and or the Witch Princess

-The Harvest Goddess will not live in your house if you marry her. She remains in the pond

-In Harvest Moon DS your duck pond can be destoryed by a storm. Leia lives in that pond if you marry her so she will vanish for good if that happens

-If you marry a girl from Mineral Town the game will end. There is no after marriage life with them. If you want a child or to continue with your file you cannot marry a Mineral Town girl

Harvest Moon DS Cute:

-Skye's proposal works differently. He will not accept the Blue Feather even when you have completed all the requirements. After you propose go to bed with the Blue Feather in your bag and you should get a note from Skye in the morning. That will not happen if the weather is bad the next day or if it is a festival

-If you marry Skye he sleeps in later than the other marriahe candidates

-The game will not end if you marry a bachelor from Mineral Town. However, most of them will have to commute to Mineral Town for work and will be gone most of the day

-DS Cute has a "best friend" feature. Because of that you can see the Heart Events of the speical bachelorettes. But they will not move in with your character unless you have the Japanese version