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Farm Crops
Harvest Moon (video game)

Where can you get grass seeds in Harvest Moon DS?

You can order them from Karen's shop over the phone or you can buy them from Vesta's shop at 4:00pm- 6:00pm!! <3

Harvest Moon (video game)

In Harvest Moon Back to Nature how to make a butter?

All you should need is a mixer and some milk.

Harvest Moon (video game)

What does Blue like in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

Clams, good milk, good cheese, good egg, basically anything that farm animals produce. If you want clams go to the front of the seed shop, run down to the shore, till the ground with the hoe and usually a clam pops up.

Harvest Moon (video game)

What heart events in Back to Nature?


* When you go to the inn Doug will ask you what you think of Ann. If

you say she's cute Doug and Ann will like you more.

* Once you have 3 egg laying chickens she asks you to give her the

eggs every day. She pays you for it and likes you more if you do.

* Once Ann has a purple heart she will ask you if you think she'll

marry soon. If you say yes she'll be shocked but happy.

* If Ann has at least a purple heart for you by Summer the 2nd you'll

get an invitation inviting you to go to her birthday party. Then you

are meant to see your character carrying a piece of paper rolled up

in yellow ribbon.

Unless you have a cupboard you can not put this paper away and it

stays in your inventory taking up a block of inventory! This can

get really annoying carrying it around for 15 more days especially

if you don't have an upgraded rucksack.

On the day of the party you have to carry the invite to get in

otherwise the door will just be locked. The first time I tried going

to the party there was a glitch and I didn't get the paper. Anyway

going to the party makes Ann like you more and she likes whatever

you give her about double as much as usual so it is a good way to get

Ann to like you.

* You see her going into the church and talking to Cliff. She asks

him to come back but he doesn't so she walks off.

* When you go to the inn and walk upstairs you see Ann giving Cliff

a meal.

* When Cliff collapses in the Winter go straight to Ann and show her

the picture and tell her about it. She'll be thankful you told her.


* When you first go into the clinic (if you don't have your arms

full) Elli will come up to you and tell you that you have a cut. When

she asks you how much it hurts tell her excruciatingly. She will say

something snooty like, " Oh I asked because boys aren't supposed to

feel hurt." She'll give you a Band-Aid.

When you walk outside you'll see Stu crying. Talk to him and give him

the Band-Aid. Stu will like you more and stop crying. Then Elli will

come out and notice that you gave away the Band-Aid. When she asks why

tell her you didn't feel that bad and she'll like you more.

* When you just get a purple heart Elli asks you how your job is. Say,

"it's fun" and she will like you more.

* If Elli has or is close to having a blue heart for you and you walk

through your farm at around 12:00 Elli will come and ask you to try

one of her sandwiches. She decides it wasn't that good and thinks

she'll keep giving you some so you can test them and she can perfect

her sandwich making skills. If you keep coming back at 12 she'll

eventually think her sandwiches are just right and be thankful that

you helped her. She'll like you more.

* When you walk into the clinic you'll see the doctor and her talking.

He'll tell her she can have a break. She won't accept but will be


* Another time you walk into the clinic the doctor will confess that

he thinks Elli is a great nurse and that the clinic wouldn't be such

a success without her. He thinks she is especially good at midwifery.


* When you first walk into the supermarket the Doctor will walk in

and buy something but not pay for it. Jeff being as passive as he

is, doesn't complain. Then Duke comes in and tries doing the same

thing. He is just about to walk out when he sees your character's

annoyed face. He asks if anything is wrong and you are meant to say,

"you should pay." Then Karen walks out from the second door and

tells Duke to pay. When Duke has gone Karen thanks you for sticking

up for Jeff.

* This happens once Karen gets a purple heart at least. When you walk

into the hot spring she is there she will ask you if anything's wrong.

If you say your love life she will like you more.

* Karen will one day come up to your farm if she has a blue heart at

least and give you flower seeds. If you grow the flowers Karen will be

very happy.

* When you walk near the church you see Karen and Rick walk down the

path near the elves house. I tried following them but I couldn't find

them anywhere.

* When you walk to the poultry farm you see Rick and Karen fighting.

Rick is going on about how annoyed he is about Kai and Karen tells

him not to worry. Rick gets annoyed at Karen for not saying anything

about Kai and says that if she likes him so much she should marry

him. Karen gets so annoyed she looks like she's at the brink of

slapping him and she walks off.


* When you walk into the library you hear Mary talking. She is saying

some things for one of her books she is writing. Ask her what she is

writing and she will like you more.

* When Mary has at least a purple heart for you one day you will walk

in and she will ask you if you were here to read books. If you say you

are she'll feel really happy and like you more. If you say you were

just dropping by she'll be upset that hardly anyone comes to read books.

Then to make her feel a bit better she'll ask if you want to read

anything and you can say yes.

* She gives you a book called 'The Carpenter And The King' press triangle

when in your inventory screen to read it. Then go back to the library

and tell her you liked the carpenter the best. She will agree and like

you more.

* When you go to the square for the first time she will tell Gray

about how she once felt left out but the people were really nice and

eventually she felt settled in. She says that if you don't know what

to do then you should start thinking because you can always expect

things to happen without knowing.

* She sometimes talks to Gray in the library. Usually they just talk

about books and fitting in.


* When you first walk near the poultry farm you'll see Popuri and

Rick fighting about their chicken Pon dying. Rick will ask you to

find her from the mountain and bring her back because he can't. Go

to the mountain and find her. When she explains what happened say,

"my sympathies" and she'll like you more.

* When you have an extended chicken coop Popuri will come and tell

you to look after an egg. I heard you are meant to call the chicken

Pon and she will like you more. I have tried it before and it worked...

I think. She is meant to visit back once the egg has hatched and take

the egg and see what you named it yet when I tried it in another game

she never took it back!!!

* When Popuri is close to a blue heart you will walk through the

poultry farm and walk right up to Popuri who is outside. She will

tell you about her wanting to leave. Tell her that would be cool

and she will like you more strangely enough (I would have thought

saying that would make her annoyed at you wanting her to go away.)

* About one or two days before Summer you'll see Popuri and little

May greeting Kai.

* A few times you go to the beach and find Kai and Popuri talking.

Popuri will be blushing like mad.

* If Popuri and Kai get really close they will decide to go away

together but not tell anyone except for you. Kai tells you thinking

that you will keep the secret. When Rick asks you where they are you

can either tell and Rick will like you more and Kai will never know

you told. Or you can not tell and Kai and Popuri will like you and

respect you more plus you will feel good about keeping a secret.

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Harvest Moon (video game)

What level axe is needed to cut stumps in Harvest Moon Back to Nature?

Any leveled-up Axe wil work, however, the more leveld-up it is the less hits it will take.

Nintendo DS
Harvest Moon (video game)

How do you get the god hand in Harvest Moon DS?

Play in the casino and gain alot of casino coins. If you have alot of money you can buy the coins. After you have enough(which might take you a while) go and redeem the coins for the God Hand.

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Harvest Moon (video game)

In harvestmoon back to nature for girl how do you make cliff stay i know you have to give the job at the orchard but in mine he still left?

Sounds like a glitch, if you want Cliff to stay all you have to do is get him the job at the orchard. This is true of multiple games. I would recommend restarting from a previous saved file.

Cheat Codes
Harvest Moon (video game)

Do you need to find 60 sprites to get married Harvest Moon DS?

Yes, It is necessary. You will need to find at least 60 of them to get married. Before that, the girl/boy you are dating won't accept the Blue Feather.

Cheat Codes
Nintendo DS
Harvest Moon (video game)

Download cheat harvest moon back to nature?

There are no cheats for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature aside from gameshark codes. if you do find something to download it will likely damage your console or violate the end user agreement.

Nintendo DS
Harvest Moon (video game)
Action Replay

Harvest Moon Sunshine Island Action Replay codes?






yo this works it mk u get married with who Eva u want

Harvest Moon (video game)
History of Scotland

Was Galen Tyrol the first king of Scotland?

Its possible but its just to far in the past to find any hard evidence to support or deny it. Its true the ice age would have covered Scotland at some point but this does not mean Tyrols decendants could not have headed south as the UK would have been connected to Europe then returned. The Scots are no stranger to travel but have a distinct homing beacon which is why even 2nd generation migrated Scots have a strong desire to visit their ancestrol home. Interestingly Battlestar used many Celtic sounding instruments which probobly included the bagpipes, there is an old traditional Scottish song often sung by the clan Mcleod:

The Green Hills Of TyrolThere was a soldier, a Scottish soldier,

Who wandered far away and soldiered far away,

There was none bolder, with good broad shoulders,

He fought in many a fray and fought and won.

He's seen the glory, he's told the story,

Of battles glorious and deeds victorious.

But now he's sighing, his heart is crying,

To leave these green hills of Tyrol.


Because these green hills are not Highland hills

Or the Island's hills, they're not my land's hills,

As fair as these green foreign hills may be

They are not the hills of home.

This seems to fit rather well into who Galen was.

So making the leap that Tyrol was the first king of Scotland it is long understood that the first Kings of Scotland resided in Forteviotat which is near Perth. Moore explained that the having Galen exile there was a tip of the hat to the Engineering firsts that the Scots have achevied in our civilization, although not all peaceful. The British were the fathers of the aircraft carrier that a Battlestar is reflective of just more advanced. A tie in to the upcoming Caprica series could be the construction of the Galactica that may be built in megablocks at the different colonies and brought together to form the ship. This is the technique being used by the Brits to construct their new aircraft carriers at Edinburgh that is next to Forteviotat.


however this would indicte that the arming and destruction cycle is happening again in parallel to the AI evolution on this planet as shown at the end of Daybreak.

So to sum up its possible Galen was the first King of Scotland and there is some evidence to suggest this however it does take an act of faith to believe and if you do then the seeds are sown. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

Harvest Moon (video game)

How do you get animal medicine on harvest moon?

You can buy Animal Medicine from Horn Ranch (in Flute Fields) for 800 G.

Harvest Moon (video game)

What are recipes used for in Harvest Moon 64?

if u have a kitchen u can make food for yourself or for the cooking festival, to get a kitchen u have to buy the coffee table on channel 2, then when u get it, house upgrade will appear in gotz the woodcutter's options, after u get house upgrade everyday look 2 see if there is a kitchen for sale.

Nintendo DS
Harvest Moon (video game)

Where do you get herbs on Harvest Moon DS?

Herbs grow randomly in the fields around town.

Nintendo Wii
Harvest Moon (video game)

In Harvest Moon Magical Melody how do you get the best kind of wool?

Take good care of your Sheep. The happier it is and the more hearts it has the more likely it will give you better quality Wool. Brush and feed it everyday. And let it outside when the weather is good.

Harvest Moon (video game)

In harvest moon back to nature what does stu like?

Loves: Wild Grapes, Orange Cup Flowers, Popcorn, Chocolate, Ketchup, Fries.

Likes: Branch, Strawberry, Moondrop Flower, Toyflower, Pinkcat Flower, all Ores, Large Fish.

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Harvest Moon (video game)

How do you get Adamantite in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

wait until its winter. go into the lake mine. use the hoe to dig. when your at a deep enough level, break the stones and hope for a purple stone

Nintendo DS
Harvest Moon (video game)

What does the DVD on Harvest Moon DS Cute do?

you buy the tv the DVD player and DVD from vans shop where ruby works and he delivers it to your house then you can watch it.

Harvest Moon (video game)

When is Nami's birthday in Harvest Moon?

Fall 24th.

Harvest Moon (video game)

On harvest moon magical melody how do you feed the foldder to your animals?

Purchase it from Blue Sky Ranch, which is where Ellen works, and it is in a bin on the wall inside of your barn, go up to it and press A, bring it over to the wooden bin on the floor and drop it by pressing A again. Also you can take it and press A when your facing the animal and it aunomatically feeds it.

Harvest Moon (video game)

How do you win Flora's heart in Harvest Moon DS?

The best way to earn affection is to speak with the girl and give her a gift everyday.

When you are just staring out here are some easy gift ideas; Chocolate, Fish, Curry Powder, Milk, Turnip, or Wine.

These are just okay gifts but once you get a Kitchen and a Pot you can make Curry. Flora loves any type of Curry. The easiest one to make is just Curry Powder and Riceballs cooked in a Pot.

Flora's Favorite gift is Rainbow Curry. The recipe for that is; Blue Curry, Green Curry, Red Curry, Yellow Curry, Orange Curry, Purple Curry, Indigo Curry, Curry Rice cooked in the Pot.

Giving someone a gift on their birthday has a much better effect than it would on a normal day. So make sure to give Flora a gift on Winter 16th which is her birthday.

Giving the answer that makes Flora happy during Heart Events will give a big boost to her affection for your character. If you pick the wrong answer you will lose a lot of affection with her.

Nintendo DS
Harvest Moon (video game)

My Harvest Moon DS game just froze in the process of loading Please tell me theres a way to fix it?

If it's doesn't finish loading in about a minute, you will have to restart the ds.

Nintendo DS
Harvest Moon (video game)

What happens when you faint on Harvest Moon DS?

You will wake up the next day in your house. Sometimes it can half your money so try not to faint because it will cost you. Buy stamina and fatigue bottles from Van if you are planning to go into the mines, make sure you have a good supply.

Harvest Moon (video game)

What is pink heart in harvest moon?

Pink heart? Their is no pink heart. Unless your talking about the red heart. That means she has maximum LP. So if you have 60 sprites you can marry the person.

Harvest Moon (video game)

Where can you find adamantine ores in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

Adamantite can randomly be found in the Spring Mine on lower floors. Use your Hammer to smash the rocks to look for ore.


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