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Carnivals and entertainment arenas featuring clowns, trapeze performers, trained animals, acrobats, among other acts.

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Where will the 2010 gathering of the juggalos be?

by what i have read it might be in colorodo this year man WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL i havent heard anything... but with the success of the last few being in Cave In Rock, Illinois.. it will prolly be there again... its a central spot in the US.. its private property... and its a very large outdoor venue its pretty much exactly what they look for its suposed to be in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. and it $150 per person. its august 12th to 15th. MMFWCL....
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What are wee hours in Cannes?

Lever du soleil
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Who watched the chariot races in Circus Maximus?

Just about everyone in Rome went to watch the races in the Circus Maximus. The Romans were avid racing fans. Even the emperors could watch from their houses which overlooked the Circus. ...
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Who created Circus Maximus?

The Circus Maximus was created by the first king of Rome, Tarquin Priscus. He made it to celebrate victory games over the Latins. These celebrations became known as the "Ludi Romani" or Roman Games. ...
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Does the circus maximus still exist?

Unfortunately, no, the Circus Maximus has been destroyed. All that's left of it is part of the open space that made up the floor of the racetrack. The walls, seating, gates and all the other externals have been looted over the years. ...
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How is a circus company linked to a production company?

they are linked together because they are both big companies which give entertainment to the public ! ...
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What is the origin of Cirque du Soleil?

Le cirque du Soleil originated from Montreal ,Québec ,Canada. But a simple search on Wikipedia could have told you that. ...
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What does a circus barker do?

Calls out [barks] to call attention to certain attractions.
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What is the name of the thing on which a circus elephant sits?

It is called an elephant tub.
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Circus of Nero?

It was a place where Nero, an emperor of ancient Rome, crucified thousands of Christians. ...
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How do you make your moshi happy?

pet it feed it play game and win chat with friend have more friend get gift having rox and buying stuff ...
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What are circus employees called?

There are various jobs. Performers, barkers, roustabouts, and others. These may be American terms, in England we generally use different terms (or used to because it is some time since I toured circus!). 'Performer' is little used apart from in the media, generally circus acts like to be called 'artistes' mainly, perhaps, because of the long association with the stage and Variety (called Vaudeville in America). They would freely interchange between the ring and the stage. British circuses do not have Barkers or Roustabouts -...
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How do you juggle?

How to Juggle w/ 3 balls put 2 in right hand and 1 in left, throw 1 ball up from the right hand and throw the ball in your left hand under the 1st ball, right before u catch the 1st ball in your left hand throw the 3rd ball which is in ur right hand repeat until uv mastered it. You can watch the animated gifs at Or you could buy a very inexpensive book called: The Little Book of Juggling....
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What is a trapeze bar?

A standard trapeze bar (as used in the majority of flying trapeze acts) is a 3 feet wide and 1" diameter steel bar, usually solid which weighs 5kg (11 lbs) it is usually wrapped in either cotton tape (held in place by double sided tape) or in a coarse tape such as elastoplast. There is a ring welded onto each end of the bar to attach the (usually) 12'6" - 6mm steel cables to it for the swing. A standard trapeze...
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What is the difference between Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Dreams?

Cirque Du Soleil is a Canadian Circus founded by two Runaways and street performers in Montreal in the late 1970s. drawing inspiration from the traditions of traveling circuses, street performance, wide variaties of dance and theatre and the citys multi-cultural lnadscape, they created a whole new form of enterainment, and a circus that relied on human artistry rather then animals. they also founded there performances on story-telling, which was very un-common for a circus at the time. the name "cirque du soleil" is...
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Who was the most famous trapeze family?

The Flying Wallendas
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How many hours does the Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus last?

If you go to the website for the circus,, under the FAQ section it states that the performance lasts 2 hours with a 15 min intermission If you go to the website for the circus,, under the FAQ section it states that the performance lasts 2 hours with a 15 min intermission ...
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What is the plural form of circus?

The plural of circus is circuses. In Latin, and therefore technically in English: circi. In modern accepted English: circuses. Either is acceptable, mainly depending on context. ...
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Is a circus clown fatuous?

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How do you make your moshi monster happy quickly?

Go shopping and feed it good food.