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"Freak the Mighty" was written by Rodman Philbrick, and first published in 1998. The two main character are a boy that is very intelligent, yet crippled, and a boy that is kind, yet mentally slow.

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Freak the Mighty

Is there a movie for Freak the Mighty?


Freak the Mighty

What does freak tell max about the bionic unit?

he is going to get a new body there because his organs are growing inside but he is not growing outside.

Freak the Mighty

What is the trait for grim in Freak the Mighty?

Grim is a grumpy, but intelligent, caring, and protective grandparent

Freak the Mighty

What are 3 rising action of Freak the Mighty?

1. Max's father is on parole.

2. Max gets kidnapped by his father.

3. On Kevin's birthday he has a seizure and passes away.

Or atleast those are the biggest parts.

Freak the Mighty

What does Killer Kane need from Iggy from freak the mighty?

they are killer

Freak the Mighty

How are Kevin and Kenny similar and different in Freak the Mighty?

smart and funny

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Freak the Mighty

How does freak look like in Freak the Mighty?

He is small with blond hair and white skin.

Freak the Mighty

What country does the mighty sparrow belong to?

trinidad and tobago

Freak the Mighty

What was the bullies name in Freak the Mighty?

Tony D. and the gang.

Freak the Mighty

Who is the publisher of Freak the Mighty?

Scholastic Inc. aka Scholastic Corporation has been the publishing company of Freak the mighty since its release in 1993.

Freak the Mighty

Who is Dr Spivak in Freak the Mighty?

a doctor who works at the bionic transplant unit and want to make freak a robotic body

Freak the Mighty

What songs describe the book Freak the Mighty?

okay i will tell you the easiest way to find songs conncected to FTM. go to wikipedia, type Freak the Mighty Movie, and there will be a list of songs that are used in movie. pick one of them, and i tell you that there is a song called "Freak the Mighty" and it is the best one for Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty

What is the title of chapter 12 in Freak the Mighty?

chapter 12 title is called

- Killer Kane, Killer Kane, Had a kid who got no brain

Freak the Mighty

Are the kanes going to stay with the lees in chapters 17 and 18 in Freak the Mighty?


Freak the Mighty

What is an example of hyperbole in Freak the Mighty?

".....he's exploding out of his shoes. "

Freak the Mighty

What are important events in Chapters 1- 17 in Freak the Mighty?

#5 List the important events Chapter 1- Max meets Kevin for the first time in day care. Chapter 2- Kevin moves down the street on the first of July. Chapter 3- Max and Kevin become friends and they play with the ornithopter for a while. Chapter 4- Max takes Kevin to the down under and Kevin tells Max about King Arthur. Chapter 5- Gwen apologizes for the way she acted and she invites Max for Dinner. Chapter 6- Max and Kevin encounter Tony D. for the first time on their way to the Millpond but are saved by the cops and Max puts Kevin on his shoulders for the first time. Chapter 7- Max and Kevin encounter Tony D. again and end up getting stuck in the Millpond and this is when they actually become Freak the mighty. Chapter 8- The cops bring Max and Kevin home and the cops tell Grim that he is a hero for saving a cripple boy. Chapter 9- Kevin takes Max to the Medical Research Lab as their first quest together and he tells Max about the Bionics unit. Chapter 10- Max and Kevin go on their second quest but this time it's about retrieving a purse that belongs to a damsel that causes distress in the middle of the night. Chapter 11- Max and Kevin meet Loretta Lee and Iggy Lee when they go to give Loretta her purse back. Iggy and Loretta also tell Max and Kevin a little bit about their Fathers. Chapter 12- Kevin shows his class how he is more than just Kevin and he ends up getting him and Max in Mrs.Addison's office. Chapter 13- Mrs.Addison tells Max his father wishes to see him and Kevin is sent to hospital because he choked on some chop suey. Chapter 14- Grim and Gram have their first fight because Grim wants to get a gun but Gram wouldn't allow it. Chapter 15- Killer Kane broke into Max's room on Christmas Eve and he puts his hands over his face and tells him not to talk. Chapter 16- Killer Kane takes Max to Loretta and Iggy's house for Christmas. Chapter 17- Iggy takes Killer Kane and Max to an old lady's house and Killer Kane swears to Max that he did not not Kill anyone. Chapter 18- Killer Kane tells Max about his future plans about how they are going to make money by telling people about God. Chapter 19- Killer Kane and Max have to move to a different house because they might get caught by the cops and Loretta tries to save Max but ends up almost dying. Chapter 20- Kevin ends up saving Max by shooting soap, vinegar and curry powder into Killer Kane's eyes. Chapter 21- Max spends almost a whole day at the police station and Gwen tells Max and Kevin to cut back on quests. Chapter 22- It is Kevin's thirteenth birthday and when Grim yells, Kevin was found having a seizure so they had to call and ambulance. Chapter 23- Max visits Kevin in the hospital and Kevin gives Max an empty book and asks Max to write about their adventures because Kevin will have a new bionic body that he needs to get used to. Chapter 24- Kevin dies and Max feels like he is kicker again and Dr.Spivak tells him that the lie about the bionic body was just for something to hope for. Chapter 25- It has been a year since Kevin's death and Max bumps into Loretta and she said " Nothing is drag, kid think about it." That is what got Max to start writing in the empty book.

Freak the Mighty

How do gram and grim treat max differently after he saves freak from tony d?

he didn't save freak freak saved him

Freak the Mighty

What is freaks favorite food in Freak the Mighty?


Freak the Mighty

Are there any pictures of Freak from Freak the Mighty?

Kevin Avery (Dillon) is portrayed by Kieran Culkin in the film adaptation of Freak the Mighty. Searching for Kieran Culkin and Freak the Mightly in any image search engine will provide the images you are interested in.

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Freak the Mighty

Is your friend a religious control freak?

Generally that kind of behavior is caused by fear and self-doubt. Often people will over compensate for their own fears and project a much stronger opinion than they really feel. That's usually an indication that they're trying to convince themselves at least as much as trying to convince you.

Freak the Mighty

Who died in the story Freak the Mighty?


Freak the Mighty

Who sang you make me move like a freak?

alexandra stan

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Freak the Mighty

When were freak shows banned?

They were banded in 1980.

Freak the Mighty

What Kenny and Max did in the old lady's apartment in Freak the Mighty?

Talked He Swore he Never Killed Annie

Freak the Mighty

What is Lorettas Lee nickname in Freak the Mighty?

Loretta is her only name


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