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beat glatic boss cyrys he will give u a master ball ONLY 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

get one over a trade.....

or get lucky and I mean really lucky and win one from the lottory corner

or if u must have master balls

go to wal*mart. buy a action replay (there 20 bucks) and press 'get 999 of everthing' and u got 999 of EVERYTHING.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-18 11:51:42
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Q: How do you get master balls?
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How can you duplicate master balls?

You cannot duplicate master balls.

How many ultra balls to equal a master ball?

you cant measure out ultra balls to equal master balls. master balls are just a lot better.

Where do you buy Master Balls?

You cannot BUY master balls. You only get 1 master ball in the game.

How do you buy master balls?

From what I know, You can't BUY master balls in Pokemon.

How can i get 493 master balls in HeartGold?

with action replay you can get 999 master balls

What is the cheat code for unlimated master balls?

no, it is up to 999 master balls

What is the number of master balls that are allowed on Pokemon Fire Red?

well the max of master balls you can get is 999 but you can only get more master balls in trades.

What is the cheat to get hundreds of Master balls in Fire Red?

to get hundreds of master balls get 99 antidotes and press A for a long time and will get 99 master balls

What is the cheat for unlimmitted master balls?

Master balls are the best kind of Pokeballs you can get on the game Pokemon. The cheat for unlimited master balls is to use the Missing No glitch.

100 master balls on diamond version DS?

you have to get master balls from professor roan

How many master balls in soul sliver?

in Pokemon soulsilver you get 5 master balls

How many master balls do you get in Pokemon black?

You can get 2 Master Balls in both versions.

How do you get master balls with cheats on soul silver?

There isn't a way to get master balls with cheating...

How do you get 100 master balls in heartgold?

get a ar and enter the code for 900 master balls

How do you get 900 master balls on Pokemon soul silver?

You can only get that many master balls by cheating or trading Pokemon into the game holding master balls one at a time.

How do you get 99 master balls on fire red?

You can cheat or trade with a friend who has Pokemon with master balls on them.

How to get more master balls in Pokemon fire red?

Have your friends trade you the master balls they got.

How do you get unlimited master balls for sapphire without cheats?

You cant.You can only get 2 master balls.

Where can you buy master balls in Pokemon?

Master balls cannot be brought, only given or won.

In soul silver where can you buy master balls?

You can get them from the lottory or Professer Elm but you can not buy master balls.

How do you get unlimited master balls in Pokemon Soulsilver?

how do you get unlimited master balls in Pokemon soul-silver

What is the code for master balls in Pokemon Emerald?

Master Code: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 Buy Master Balls Code: 82005274 0001

Can you duplicate master balls if you used it already?

No. However, you can clone a Master Ball on Emerald. There are also codes to get multiple Master Balls.

How do you turn great balls into master balls?

you don't

What is the code So you can Get Master balls?

when you get the action replay it comes with a code called get 900 of all poke balls that includs master balls