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How do you get master roshi full power in Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 2?


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You cant, he is only available in DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3

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go to the dragon adventure collect all seven dragonballs and wish for it

Kid Buu, if you use the item that gives you more health and the item that makes you get ki-power faster...

Collect all 7 Dragonballs, and wish for it. The easiest way to do this is to repeatitively fight General Tao, after you have the Dragon Radar.

Yes only when in max power mode kick your enemy up chase them then press triangle twice on ps2 and i think b on the Nintendo wii

You go to item fusion and fuse Remodoling surgery with Freiza full power and you get Mechafreiza

on ps2 you hold down l2, if not go to training and you can find out

you press x then press back 2 times then hold it

use omega shenron rapiyably use ki power up 3 super up 3 and ki is at max at the start of each battle costome. QUICKLY USE dragon thunder rapitply and use before he had time to react hop this helps you :)

first you go to the z item mode. then you click on item fusion. by doing story mode you unnlock special purple items you can fuse to get new characters, etc. You click on 2 compatible items and they fuse! For example, if you pick power ball and bardock you unlock great ape bardock( by the way fusing power ball with certain characters is how you get all of the great apes). So that's it! !


There are 7 Dragon balls. However according to Master Roshi's story the Dragon balls used to be one big ball how ever it generated to much power so it split into 7 balls.

you what? no no no i miht be might not be mabye in a kuple yrs 2011-10 tenkai chi 4 will have a cgraractere creator with own power lookks and more any way bale who needs cheats on dbz tenkaich 1 id daaaaaaaaaaa beeeeeeeeeeeeeest

Dragon Master Knight and Five-Headed Dragon both have the highest Original ATK of 5000. posted by daniel cameron

The Dragon is an ancient symbol for power and is viewed as an ancient Deity in some cultures and can be either a power for good or evil. In martial arts the Dragon is portrayed many ways. In Kung-Fu it is portrayed as an aggressive style and many techniques are named after a dragon such as Dragon's Tail, or Dragon's Claw. In the Yin/Yang philosophy the dragon is often portrayed as a symbol countered and mirrored by the Tiger. Titles may even be given to Master practitioners as a Dragon. The Dragon is deeply embedded in eastern lore and therefore deeply embedded in martial Arts as a symbol for power.

Nobody evolves from a dragon fang. Th Dragon Fang is used to power up the power of dragon type moves.

Answerdo the finishing move with the little guy with a white face and red cheaks or do the finishing move with super buu both of them must be powerd up until the power bar is blue then press L2 triangle and downsrry6 guy that a sucide move it make a big blow up and puts your life down it not it i do not know how there is a rumor that sucide bomb is a typo for self destruct device u can try that :)

You can synchro summon Life Steam Dragon by tuning a lvl 1 tuner with Power Tool Dragon. ;)

Unfortunately, Power Tool Dragon is not in Stardust Accelerator.

For the playstation2 version, you simply press and hold the guard button and press either the D-pad, or motion the analogue stick back twice. hold these until your ki meter is maxed out.

you use z item fusion items: power from sayin and vegeta

It Ups the power of dragon type moves

The duration of The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre is 1.45 hours.

I don't know for all characters but Goku's(GT) is the following1. Satisfying Blow2. Exquisite Skill3. Serious!4. Perfect Guard5. Ki Power Up 16. Super Up 1 (depending on whether you are better at blasts or punching)

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