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How do you get mew3 in Pokemon leafgreen?

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There IS such a thing as mew3, and you can find it in a lake. Any lake. Just go fishing. At night. Do it.

TO add to that when you get to the lake.. Give it a nice drink of cool water... or Omega-3 soymilk

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How do you get mew3 on diamond?

There is no Pokemon called mew3.

How do you get Mew3 in Pokemon Yellow version?

There is no mew3

How do you get mew3 on a Pokemon card?

there is no such thing as mew3

In Pokemon LeafGreen is there a mew3?

There is no such thing as a Mew3 people made it up to make people believe it is real. The only mews are Mew and Mewtwo. But who knows they might actually make a Mew3. NOTE: Mewtwo is not really a pokemon. It was a creation made by a group of scientists. Watch the 1st movie :)

How do you get mew3 in Pokemon pearl version?

there isn't even a mew3

Is there such thing as mew3 in Pokemon?


How do you get mew3 in Pokemon?

There is no such thing as Mewthree.

How do you catch mew3 on Pokemon?

You can't get mew3 in Pokemon FireRed. It is a fan-created hack, and can't be obtained in any of the legitimate games.

How do you catch mew3 on Pokemon Diamond?

You Can't Get Mew3 In Any Game Unless Its One Of Those ''Modded'' Or ''Hacked'' Pokemon Games. Sorry =/

Is mew3 real?

OF CORSE NOT mew3 is just a romhack noobs do like..... mew3 x or any Pokemon not in the pokedex so just noobs hack it so. No

Is mew3 in any pokemon game?

Mewthree is not a real Pokemon.

How do you get mew three in LeafGreen by cheats?

There are no cheats in Pokemon unles you count the Action Replay but even that cannot get you new Pokemon, mew3 does not exist. To make it you would have to entirely change the game code.

How do you get mew3 in Pokemon Diamond?

Mew3 does not exist. I have completed my national dex and nowhere does it have anything about a Mew3. It's just something somebody game up with and posted on the internet. ~Sari

Is there mew three on Pokemon?

No, and if you saw the Mew3 Pokemon on Youtube, that was a hack

What is the ar code for mew3 on Pokemon dp?

mew3 or mew three xxx are real so i dont think there is one.

What legendary Pokemon can you get on Pokemon white without cheats?

You can get Arseuse,Groundon and Mew3 with a really cool armor,actually Mew3 is Mew2 only with a cool armor. By Pervert123

Is there really a Pokemon called prune in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

no that is a glitch such as mew3-6

Were do you get mew4 on Pokemon platinum?

mew4 does not exist but mew,mewtwo and mew3 exist

Can you trade Pokemon LeafGreen with Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.

How do you get mew three in Pokemon diamond without WiFi or cheats?

There is no Pokemon called Mew3 if you saw it on YouTube it was a hack.

How do you get a elactabuzz in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Not in Pokemon leafgreen only in Pokemon Firered never ever in Pokemon leafgreen And in Pokemon firered it is rare in power plant not available in Pokemon leafgreen?

Where is the Battle Frontier on Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon LeafGreen

Pokemon LeafGreen where are locations of hard to find Pokemon in Pokemon leafgreen?

you should go to gamestop

How do you dual slot Pokemon from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Pearl?

On Pokemon Pearl's title screen, if the Pokemon LeafGreen game is in the GBA slot, click on "Transfer From LeafGreen" and you can choose six Pokemon from LeafGreen to transfer to Pearl, but be careful-you can't trade them back.

How do you get manaphy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Manaphy is a legendary water type of Pokemon. It is not possible to get this Pokemon in the game Pokemon LeafGreen.