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First, don't get worked up by the Hollywood version of what a woman should look like. Be yourself. I'm sure you have many good qualities that define you. Don't focus on what you consider to be a negative. Focus on your good qualities. If you aren't comfortable in a bathing suit that shows too much, get something different. Why would you want to associate with people who are so shallow as to think that breast size is important?

If you are not too shy then wearing stuff with cleavage will accentuate the roundness of your breasts. High neck tops will make that area look smaller.

Wear a push up bra. or just wait till you grow.

First off, go and get yourself measured. Measuring your own bra size, while convenient, can lead to a mis-fitting, and stores like Victoria's Secret, J.C. Penney's and Frederick of Hollywood's will do it for free.

Once you've ascertained your size, start looking at different bras. Keep in mind that there are many, many stores that sell good quality Bras. While VS is very popular and makes a high quality product, it's also quite expensive, and if you're on a budget this can be very daunting. Try stores like T.J. Maxx, Ross's, or Burlington Coat Factory to find a discount without sacrificing quality.

For a smaller bust push-ups are the gold standard, of course, but don't be afraid to try other styles as well!

For more cleavage naturally, the only way to really see improvement would be to work out the pecktorial muscles, which can give the idea of cleavage to an otherwise boyish frame. Ask your doctor or, well, someone who knows (that sounded blunt!) about what exercises you can do.

You should be happy with yourself the way you are but if you really want to make them look bigger, just stuff tissues down your bra! haha it sounds crazy but it's a classic and it works!

If you are not too shy then wearing stuff with cleavage will accentuate the roundness of your breasts. High neck tops will make that area look smaller.

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Q: How do you get more cleavage with small breasts?
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Why are men aroused by cleavage?

Men find cleavage attractive because the breasts are closed together. Cleavage gives the image of the breasts being deep which in turn make men more turned on, it also has to do with the fullness of the breasts. Another reason cleavage is sexy is because it allows women to attract men more easily. Other reasons could be that it moves with the breasts or when women put something in between their cleavage people automatically think that it is to make the breasts seem large and so deep and also to arouse the male to the point of erection or ejaculation.

What does lines of cleavage mean?

Cleavage occurs naturally between the tissue of the two breasts. We think mostly of well-endowed females as having cleavage, but overweight boys and men can have cleavage too. The "lines of cleavage" are, as a simple description, the line between the clothing or bra and the exposed area of the breast and the "line" or separation between the breasts. So, if a woman wears an ill-fitting bra or one that is too small, the area of cleavage can be pronounced. In smaller bosoms, cleavage is less pronounced or noticeable.

What is a woman's cleavage?

That is the valley between her breasts.

Why are some men so obsessed with breasts?

Who knows? Brainwashed I guess...taught from an early age that cleavage is sexy...I guess cleavage is sexy - but it's ashame that more men don't realize that cleavage isn't everything and if that's all she has, it's not much!

What you a cleavage?

A cleavage is the area down the middle of an object, usually referred to the area in-between the left and right breasts of a human woman.

What is more common a cleavage or fracture?


Can you get cleavage?

In one sense, cleavage is the hollow space between a woman's breasts revealed by a low neckline. Most women develop the appearance of cleavage although less endowed women can create and enhance cleavage with a variety of underwired and padded undergarments designed to push up and push together their breasts. The word "cleavage" in geology is used only to describe the morphology of fractures in minerals. Minerals have a cleavage, if they form flat, planal fractures along certain planes in their crystal lattice.

Why do you have small breasts if you are fat?

if your far and have small breasts it means that not much fat I'd getting into your breasts

What type of breakage is more common cleavage of fractrue?


What is a titty crack?

It is a recent term regarding cleavage--formed by two breasts squeezed together.

Where is your cleavage?

the hollow between a woman's breasts when supported, especially as exposed by a low-cut garment.

Where can you watch cleavage in English?

There's plenty of great American, Canadian, and UK porn sites that focus on breasts. They all speak English and there's a plethora of cleavage. Thanks for the question!

What is cleavage in anatomy?

Usually refers to the space between a womans breasts when they are pressed together with a bra or something.

My mom's bra size is like an A and I really want big breasts but since she has small breasts will that mean I will have small breasts too?

not necessarily

Can girls have man breasts?

Girls may have small breasts but they are still girl breasts.

Are big breasts softer than small breasts?

not particularly. all breasts are diff rent shapes, sizes and colors. some are more firm than others. it just depends on the person.

Do bra's increase or decrease the size of breasts?

Some bras don't make your breasts any bigger or smaller they just give support. push up give you cleavage padded makes your breasts look larger when they really are not!

What is a short definition for cleavage?

Originally the space between two things that are split apart, now more often the space between a woman's breasts when these are pushed up and together by her garments.

If your breasts grow slow does it mean that you will have small breasts?

Not exactly

Are your breasts small?


Why do men like small breasts?

Men like small breasts because they are the perfect size for their grip.

Do women with large breasts produce more milk than women with small breasts?

Yes and no. generally when a large breasted woman is coming into her milk, she may have more milk then a woman with small breasts, who is also coming into her milk. This generally settles down when feeding schedules have been more established and the milk production has settled into the supply and demand routine. There will only be as much milk as is needed in the breasts due to the entire concept of supply and demand, So if a heavy demand is placed on the breasts, then bigger breasts may have more milk in them then small breasts, but this is overly dependent, as i said, on the demand. A woman with twins, for instance, will produce more milk then a woman with only one baby, and this is between women with the same sized breasts. The more milk taken from the breast during a feeding, the faster it will be produced to replenish it. So the real answer is, Yes, but commonly, No. No. Not at all. I have fairly small breasts and have always produced an over-abundance of milk. I know plenty of large-breasted women who struggle with milk production.

What are fake breasts?

Fake boobs are surgically enhanced breasts. It is where they cut a hole in the breast and insert a silicone implant into it to fill it out and make it look larger. You can see when breasts have been enlarged by the shape of them; the cleavage will be much rounder than normal.

Do guys like girls with big breasts or small breasts?

any size is good small r cute

Dose magnetite have more cleavage or fracture?

Magnetite has fracture. No cleavage. A rock cannot have both.