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Click on the coin on the top left corner, pull out your credit card and use it ;)

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How do you get more troops in batheo?

you can upgrade your horn equipment and upgrade the hornblowing and semaphoring technology hope that helped

Are there any free online games with no membership?

the game with no membership is i dressup batheo

Were greedy for more gold sentence or fragment?

The phrase 'were greedy for more gold' is a fragment. Who was greedy? Correct: The men were greedy for more gold. The miners were greedy for more gold.

What has more value gold or diamonds?

Gold cost more but it depends on how the diamond is cut and what size it is. But overall gold costs more.

Why are some of the coins gold and some silver?

gold is worth more than silver, so the more gold the more its worth.

Is 14kat gold worth more than 18kat gold?

The 18kat gold is worth more because the higher it is the more value it has

White gold or gold?

There are two types of gold as far as I know white gold is white and more rare so more expensive and then gold which is more common in all types even paint...

Why is gold more valuable than dirt?

It is more valuable than gold because there is a few amount of gold and more dirt. So it is easy to find dirt than it is to find gold. That is why gold is more valuable than dirt.

What minerals are formed in Krakatoa?

gold, gold, and more gold

What minerals are found in Krakatoa?

Gold, Gold, and more Gold.

What is the differences between steel and gold?

Steel is stronger then gold and more abounded then gold ... Gold is worth more the steel ... Gold is less abounded ... the main reason why Gold is worth more then steel is that it does not oxide ... which means it don't rust ...

What has more matter gold or salt?

If you think to density gold is more dense.

Why is there more money then gold?

Gold is more precious, and currency is easier to create.

Is silver is more ductile or gold?

silver is more ductile than gold

Is white gold more expensive than normal gold?

White gold can cost a little more than yellow gold but not prohibitively so.

Is 14ct gold more expensive than 9ct gold?

yea the more ct the more money

Does silver cost more than gold?

No, gold is more expensive than silver as it is more rare

Is Russian gold worth more than Russian silver?

Gold is worth more simply because gold is worth more per ounce on the market.

What ways more platinum or gold?

Platinum is usually 1/3 heavier than 18 karat gold and also is more expensive than gold.

Which is more expensive titanium or gold?

Gold is tremendously more expensive than titanium.

Why is radium more precious than gold?

why radium is more precious than gold

When was More Creedence Gold created?

More Creedence Gold was created in 1973-04.

Is it true that so much silver has been consumed that there is more gold than silver?

Absolutely not! Silver is MUCH more plentiful than gold. If There were more gold than silver, silver would COST more than GOLD!

What is the value of 10 karat gold?

the answer to the question is it is more valueable than 25 karat gold because there is more gold than metal in 10 karat gold than in 25k gold.

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