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you may have to prime your pump Clean or replace the filter.

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Skimmer open or closed to vacuum pool?

If you have a dedicated suction for the vacuum hose (illegal in Australia) then you close the skimmer to increase suction.

How do you get rid of the brown stuff at the bottom of the pool that goes right though the vacuum?

Use a suction vacuum plugged into your skimmer to vacuum to waste.

How do you remove fine sediment from in ground pool?

Hook your vacuum up to your skimmer and open the valve all the way to the skimmer.. that should give you enough suction. Then, get in the pool and get to work!

How do you remove sand from pool?

In order to remove sand from a pool it must be vacuumed out with a pool vacuum that hooks up to the skimmer line (suction line) of the pool. If the pool is quite smaill it may not have a skimmer in which case you could get a Spa Vac for about 80 bucks, it works like a giant syringe.

How do you connect the vacuum on your pool?

The vacuum on a pool connects into the vacuum plate that fits over the skimmer basket on the side of the pool. My vaccum attaches in the bottom of the skimmer UNDER the basket. Different types of skimmers.

How do you replace a skimmer box in an inground pool?

As skimmer boxes in in ground pools are built in this is usually a very difficult and possibly expensive operation and may well require the attention of a pool builder or repairer. However if the cost proves to be prohibitive you can replace the skimmer box with a suction side floating pool skimmer. these plug into the suction via a pool hose and take the place of the skimmer box they can be left on a short hose or a long one and be positioned or left to float freely in the pool. they are in fact a far better skimmer then the existing static skimmer box.

Why Pool Vacuum stuck on bottom of pool?

This happens when the Jandy-valve is set to pull too much suction from the skimmer. The pump will also sound like it's choking because it's not getting enough water from just the vacuum. Try turning the valve to pull a little suction from the main drain as well.

Where can you buy a pool skimmer?

It depends on the type of skimmer you are looking for. If you are looking for a skimmer net then you can get these at pool shops and some department stores. If you need a static skimmer of the type that is usually built into a swimming pools side then a pool shop or a pool supply's wholesaler. If you need a suction side Floating skimmer that connects to the vacuum plate with a hose. Try www.dragonfly.biz. I recomend it because I invented it. There are also a number of venturi type pressure side skimmers but none of these has particularly impressed me.

How do you hook up the vacuum cleaner for an in-ground pool?

If there is a vacuum port open it and turn off your skimmer port and reduce the flow in your main drain,If no vac port plug the hose into the skimmer, If you have more than 1 skimmer plug one of them off.And please use a pool approved vacuum, Kirby or Hoover will not work.

How do you see if a swimming pool skimmer is blocked?

The easiest, and cheapest way is to turn the suction valves off to everything but the suspected skimmer, if your pump bowl stays full of water, it is fine, if it automatically looses suction, then you have either a break or a blockage. Put a plumbers helper in the suction side of your pump pot and blow whatever blockage you have towards the skimmer. A snake will not work here because your skimmer actually has vacuum (negative) pressure unlike a sewer line,which is not a pressurized line. tritonunderwater.com

Pool filter looses vacuum when you attach vacuum hose?

submerge the hose in the pool first to get all of the air out, then attach to the skimmer.

What valves do you turn to use vacuum on sand filter swimming pool?

If you have more than one skimmer, close the valves for the ones you aren't hooking the vacuum to.

How do you vacuum a pool with two skimmer baskets?

You should have a vacuum plate to cover them both. if you have not just take the basket out of one of them and block of the hole with something that cant get sucked down into it. Doing this will strengthen the suction on the other side and make vacuuming better.

How do you use pool vacuum cleaner?

Follow the directions for hooking up the vacuum either the one that uses the skimmer or the one that hooks up to a garden hose. Make sure all air is out of the hose and you have a good suction. Keep the vacuum head in the water. Then vacuum just like you would vacuum a carpet or floor.

Where do you attach the vacuum hose to vacuum the pool?

Attach the hose to the side skimmer basket with a special plastic adaptor that fits in your size skimmer. Types of skimmers: Brands: Purex, Anthony, American Products, Pentair, Hayward are major names. Hum, not inside the skimmer basket but under it. There you will find either a disc type object much like a flying saucer. Then under that there will be 2 holes. The one, if you are looking down into the skimmer from the deck side of the pool, to back side of the skimmer - 0 0 < that one - closest to you is the suction part of the skimmer. Your hose is pushed into this hole after filling the hose with water. The "adapter" is another type skimmer as stated above that you can rotate to the left or right to achieve optimum skimmer suction. With a single hole skimmer - that hole is the suction for the vac. You just have to plug the second skimmer if you have one. Still, there is another with a hole in the side wall of the skimmer near the bottom of the skimmer. This is also the vac hole. With it you plug yoyr vac into it and then close a valve that controls the main drain. You have to remember when you are finished vacing pool you then open the main drain valve. The latter one is a quite old system made by or used by Anthony Pools. k

When you hook up an automatic vacuum to the skimmer on your above ground pool it will not move any idea why it is not working?

the suction may be too low or it is likely that the vacuum plate has not been seated properly allowing water to suck past it instead of through the hose

There is not enough suction for your swimming pool vacuum to work but the pressure is just fine and all components have been cleaned any suggestions?

Your vacuum hose may have a hole in it. It won't be obvious because the hose is in the pool water. That solved my issue. Do you have more than one skimmer? Plug the other ones. Some skimmers have a flap or disc type device that moves either left or right - close this for more vac suction. On the 1st answer - if there are bubbles coming back to your pool - yes you may have a hole or a crack in the vac hose.

How can you vacuum the bottom of an above ground pool out with out losing the water?

If you have the regular set up that includes a skimmer, pump and filter then you don't have to waste any water. Get an lid-to-hose adapter, that fits over the skimmer basket at your pool supply store. Fill the hose with water and attach it to the lid. Place the lid inside the skimmer over the skimmer basket, then vacuum to your hearts content. Pool Masters

What is a skimmer pool?

Skimmer pool is a pool with side skimmers around

Why does the pool pump lose it prime when you hook up the vacuum?

If the pool pump is losing its prime when you hook up the vacuum you probably have a poor seal around the suction of the pump. There is probably also a poor seal around the suction inlet in the vacuum equipment.

How can you keep the vacuum from sticking to the bottom of the pool and making wrinkles in the liner?

Sounds like you have too much suction in the skimmer. If you have 2 skimmers and have plugged one to vacuum, try taking it out. If you do not have 2 skimmers and have a main drain, try diverting some more of the suction to the main drain. I am not sure why you would be getting wrinkles unless your liner is loose or you have water behind the liner causing this. Hope this helps

How does a pool vacuum work?

A pool vacuum works by using the suction from your pool pump. Once the vacuum is connected to the pump, usually through a connection in your pool's skimmer (a separate compartment next to your pool), debris is pulled through the vacuum hose to the filter where it is removed from the water. Pool vacuums are primarily designed to clean only the bottom of the pool. For this reason, it is important to brush the sides. This way the debris and algae can fall to the bottom where they can be vacuumed.

How do you unblock pool suction line?

You need to use forced air through the suction pipe from the pool pump, to the skimmer, this will blow out any debris trapped inside. you can use the air out port on a shop vac. hope this helps.

How do you hook up a vacuum to a skimmer for an above-ground pool?

First off, you'll need a vacuum hose. I usually put the small end over the jet and fill the hose with water. After the hose is full put the large end in the skimmer. Place your vacuum head in the pool, attach the hose to it, now you're ready to vacuum.

How do you vacuum a Doughboy and where do you plug in the equipment?

In order to vacuumn the pool you must first put in the vacuum and the hose. You can siphon the air out of the hose by putting it in front of the return to dispace all air in the hose line. Then turn off the pump. Insert the end of the vacuum line either into the port at the bottom of the skimmer in the pool or remove the skimmer basket and insert it in the bottom of the skimmer. Then after the line is secure, turn on the pump motor. Your vacuum should be ready to use (manually) or run automatically if you have an automatic pool cleaner such as an Aquabug. If you have a slimline skimmer there is a port located just below the skimmer door it is used for the vac hose. After connecting the hose you put your skimmer lid down inside of skimmer and then you can turn on pump. By doing it this way you can let skimmer basket catch all large debries. This saves on having to backwash so much.

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