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activate your account or buy a dragon amulet.

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2008-08-30 02:01:19
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Q: How do you get more than one charcter on dragonfable?
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How do you get more than one character for dragonfable com?

if you want to get more then 1 char in dragonfable you just have to activate the email and then you can have 3 chars...... if you buy a dragon amulet you can have 6 chars

Where does one find a dragonfable private server? why is dragonfable in this category?

What is the link to get more than one character on the same account for dragon fable?

On the character list on dragonfable it ses create new character click it and create one

A byte can hold one of data?

one charcter

How do you become rank one on dragonfable?

there are no ranks in dragonfable that i know of but you can lvl up by fighting monsters.

How do you get infinite health in Dragon Fable?

You can get a DragonFable trainer that will do many different things depending on which one you get. I recommend the trainer by Atheros, which you can find by searching Google for "Atheros DragonFable trainer." Its functionality includes more than just infinite health, but I'll let you discover the other features as a surprise! :)

Which is the leader in the war quest defend the farm in dragonfable?

There are actually more than 1. The first one is a ice one it is near the wind and the void one.The second one is a another ice one below the fire monster closest to the farm,

Where can you battle vaal in dragonfable?

Vaal is not battleable in Dragonfable, however you can talk to him in one Ravenloss' cut scenes.

How do you be best in dragonfable?

No one can be the best in Dragonfable, it's all about knowing how stats work as well as what items to equip.

How do you get dragonbane in dragonfable?

Dragonbane cannot be found as an item in DragonFable, however in one of Galanoth's random quests you have to search for it.

What is the weakest class in dragonfable web RPG?

Rouges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you have about 5m in money (dragonfable cash) to buy high end weapons they suck! Im a warrior and I normally kill monsters 500+ hp more than mine. My sister has a rogue, kills one every so often.. I RECOMMEND COMPLETELY WARRIORS!

In dragonfable which character is more powerful a warrior or a mage or a rogue?

well when are like level 10 mage are the more powerful one they like give you the spells

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