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If you don't have any buy it at the pet store or find what it likes to eat

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What are the cbbc roar cheats?

They help you to get more Treats and animals ,settings and and habitats

What are treats hamsters can eat?

There are a lot of treats that these animals can have. There are stores that sell boxes of treats of different kinds made for these animals. You can also use nuts and people cookies for treats.

What was the only way to get the animals back in their cages?

treats! (wrong there are many more ways then one)

What type of veterinarian treats all types of animals?

A veterinarian that treats a wide variety of species of animals is referred to as a mixed animal practitioner.

What religion treats animals the best?


What is a doctor called who treats animals?

A Veterinarian

What is the difference between a physician and vets?

A physician treats humans while a veterinarian treats animals.

Can a medical doctor treat animals?

A doctor who treats animals is called a veterinarian. It's rare for a doctor who treats human beings to treat animals as well. Humans and animals are not the same, and what works for one will not always work for the other.

What animals are treats to dogs?

I dont know the answer to the question! :(((

How will you know if a guy loves you more than his wife?

He See's You More! Treats You Better He See's You More! Treats You Better

What do you call a Doctor Who treats animals?

A Veterinarian or Vet for short

Are dogs more loving towards their owners than cats?

It all depends on the animals personality and the way that the owner treats him. Of course if the owner is abusive the cat and dog will choose to be scared of their owner. If the owner treats their cat or treats their dog with love then the pet will choose to love the owner.

Can a person become a veterinarian that treats small and large animals?

Yes, a veterinarian that treats both small and large animals is in a mixed practice. However, this type of veterinary practice is becoming less common as more people have either cats and dogs or livestock and the small family farm is dying out.

Who treats animals is called?

It is a vet, which is short for a veterinary surgeon.

What do you call the animal doctor?

A doctor that treats animals is called a veterinarian.

How do you help a sick chicken?

Take it to a vet that treats large animals.

Who wrote - How man treats animals is a reflection of his character?


How much do homemade cat treats last?

if more love in the treats aboout a decade

What does a veterinarian do for pets?

A veterinarian-A qualified person who treats diseased or injured animals.

Are dog and cat treats safe for rabbits?

It is not advisable to give dog and cat treats to rabbits. As dogs and cats are carnivorous, such treats can be made with meat products, and these should not be given to strictly herbivorous animals such as rabbits.

How does the RSPCA look after the animals in their care?

RSPCA treats and feeds animals to make them healthy so they can go to a good home.

How do shelters treat animals?

Most shelters treat their animals nicely with games,love and treats. It depends on what the shelter does to the animal

Why do people give animals treats at Christmas?

people give treats and presents as you asked because its a time to celebraite gods birthday/death i forgot which one

How do you get more treats in wild ones?

You receive treats on facebook by earning medals and the slot machines if there is any other way of obtaining treats, forgive me for leaving it out.

What kinds of veterianary there are?

private practitioners-provide health care for animals. compainoin animal practice- treats diseasesof pets food animal practice-treats diseases of livestock exotic animal practice- treats diseases in exotic animals vets might also receive extra training in specialized area of medicine

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