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Exercise in a way where you don't lose weight but gain muscle weight.

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Q: How do you get muscle if your skinny?
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How do you get skinny without building muscle?


Is it better to be fat or skinny when doing weights?

it doesnt matter because if your fat, you lose weight and gain muscle with weights and if your skinny, you gain muscle

If you build muscle do you get skinny?

Any exercise that builds muscle will burn fat, but it wont make you skinny. Some of the strongest men in the world are fairly chubby.

What is the difference between skinny and fit?

You can be skinny- yet not fit- no muscle, upper body strength, etc.

What is the shape of a muscle cell?

Skeletal muscle cells are kind of shaped like straws. They are long and skinny.

Can you build muscle from running if you have a huge diet and are skinny?

Well if you are skinny and you have a diet, that is kind of un-reasonable. But eating healthy is vital to putting on muscle. Just do alot of core exercise.

Can workout decrease fats skinny guy?

Working out does decrease fat. Done correctly, a skinny guy would also gain muscle mass. He could actually be heavier with muscle.

What does it mean to be skinny?

being skinny means you have little fat or muscle and are very weedy. EAT MORE!!!!!!! the other meaning for skinny is thin or takes care of your body.

Do fat people wish they were skinny?

some probably do, but i don't see the point really. in slavic culture being skinny means you're weak, which is kind of bad. But being skinny is unhealthy, you have trouble gaining weight and muscle. While fat people have more muscle than skinny people and can gain it easier than mesomorphs. based on this, i would say no, because the only thing that skinny people can brag about are their six packs, which onyl shows because they're skinny.

What does skronny mean?

It's basically very skinny. There's no muscle on them, and no fat either.

Is you are a vegetarian and skinny how can you gain some muscle in two months?

excercise more on the areas that need it, if arms need more muscle try doing weights

Which body systems do you work out in lacrosse?

your abs and leg muscle's, it's a great sport if you want to get skinny