How do you get my 6 year old to give me her paci?

Well when i was 6 i was stubborn and wanted to keep my paci forever my mom didnt forcefully take it she told me that i was gonna get made fun of but with my "pierre" ( name for paci) ididnt care whatmy mom dod was wait for me to be ready to give it up because when u take it forcefully it would be tramayic besides my mom love pierre in the car when i dropped or lost him i would whine and crybecause i couldnt sleep without him i loved him but when i did have him on long drives i wpuld fall sound asleep in my car seat about that age i was really losing intrest with my "ba ba" (warm baby bottle filled with milk with sugar in it) soothed me and when i woke up i wasnt whinig because the sugar kept my energy i was an only child so... but my teeth turned ou perfect also my 4 yearold is attachted to her paci to shecalls her sparkles because its sparkly same thing let them be readyr to give it to you