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How do you get oil out of hair?

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Wash your hair with shampoo. To prevent hair from oiling, avoid taking shower too often.

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What are the opportunities of this hair oil?

WHAT hair oil?!

Is vegetable oil good for hair?

yes veg oil, is good for your hair, veg oil can be used as conditioner, it make your hair shiny and smooth, veg oil can not harm your hair at all.

Can you put olive oil in your hair dye?

I am not sure about mixing oil in to hair dye. Olive oil,and even coconut oil is great for your hair though.

Which oil increase facial hair of man?

Oil for increasing hair growth are jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil. This oil contains vitamins and minerals that help the hair grow faster.

Is baby oil good for your hair?

Is baby oil good for hair

How do you grow long hair fast when you have short hair?

I recommend using a hair growth oil. The oil I use is called Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil -

What does hair oil do to your hair?

It makes your hair oily.

Why does human hair absorb oil?

Sometimes people put oil in their hair in an effort to moisturize and protect the hair. There is also the common misconception that hair absorbs oil. While hair does not technically absorb the oil, the oil does coat the hair. The oil is unable to completely absorb into the hair. Instead, the oil coats the hair by latching onto cracks and holes in the hair shaft. The hair has a scaly surface which allows the oil to penetrate the hair as it slides down the hair and slips into those cracks. Think of it like wearing a coat. A coat will protect you, but you would not actually absorb the coat. Hair and oil work in a similar manner. The hair is protected by the oil but is not absorbed.

Is baby oil bad for hair?

No, In fact Oil is good for hair. Why baby oil exists if that is bad for hair. I used it since i was younger but i never get any bad effects on my hair.

Can sweet almond oil grow African American hair?

No, but it can benefit the hair by adding oil to the natural hair.

Does Amway Amla hair oil is useful?

I'm using this hair oil but there is no benefit , continuous hair loss

How you make you hair grow fast?

I recommend using a hair growth oil. The oil I use is called Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil -

What can be good name for hair oil?

Hi, Guys, I prepared one hair oil which very effective on hair fall, & Hiar growth and pleae suggest me the name for the same hair oil

Is oil important for hair?

Not natural oil; Natural oil makes hair greasy and stringy. If there is a certain type of oil your talking about? -Fuzzy

Which oil use allu arjun for his hair?

he dosen't use oil

Why is the best oil for treating hair loss?

the new parachute advanced hair oil is best for treating hair loss

Can corn oil be used for hair growth?

I am not sure,but I've heard that oil hair are very useful for hair growth.

What is a good way to grow hair?

you should trim your hair every 2 months and plait your hair using baby oil ,olive oil or a herbal oil

What is moska oil?

Mos-ka oil is a type of oil that helps your hair grow. It has minerals in it that promote hair growth

What oil can use to make your hair grow longer and faster?

you can use hair oil. do not use regular cooking oil!!

Is there an alternative to olive oil in hair masks?

You can use castor oil or avocado oil instead, if you find oil had to remove from hair add 1 teaspoon bi-carb to your shampoo when washing your hair.

Does KuKui Oil protect colored hair?

KuKui Oil is safe for color treated hair. KuKui Oil is used to moisturize and defrizz hair and to repel humidity. If you want to protect your colored hair from humidity, then yes, KuKui Oil will work.

How do you make the hair grow fast?

rub your scalp every 15 mins everydayI recommend using a hair growth oil. The oil I use is called Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil - see the related link below.I recommend using a hair growth oil. The oil I use is called Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil -

Is it good to iron your hair after applying olive oil?

it is not good to iron your hair after applying an oil.. Because there is a possible that your hair can be damage ...

How do you curl hair with hair oil?

U can't really curl them with Oil..u can use hair gels and curlers and mousse

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