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How do you get old dried on paint off ceramic tiles?

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Paint stripper. It won't harm ceramic tile, but if it's plastic tile, don't try it.

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Can ceramic tiles be painted over?

I have seen them painted, and they look awful. And, if it's on the floor, the paint will generally wear off.

How do you remove emulsion paint from grout without damaging the ceramic tiles and grout?

I'm using Mr. Muscle cleaning fluid and using a steel wool cleaner to rub the paint off. It does get the paint off the grout, but you need to be careful not to scratch the tiles. We're painting the tiles afterwards so not too worried about damage. There is a product from Australia that is a broom on mop off grout cleaner no nasties It gets paint off tiles I am a messy painter and I just made a solution let it sit and then mopped the paint splotches off and ended up with immaculate tiles and grout.

How do I remove paint from ceramic tile?

You can use a paint thinner and a scraper if the paint is only on the tiles and not on the grout it should be easy to remove it . If it's on the tile, just use a razor blade and scrape it off.

How do you get dried paint off?

Off WHAT ?

How do get dried paint off ceiling and metal?

What kind of dried paint? What is under the paint on the ceiling? ....on the metal?

How do you get tile paint off tiles?

It depends on the paint that was used to paint the tiles originally, but usually a methylene chloride stripper will take off an epoxy used to paint tiles and not harm the tiles. Use strippers only in a well ventilated area with protective clothing and eyewear.

What is best paint to cover glazed ceramic kitchen floor tiles?

There is no paint that won't wear off soon in this application. The best you could get would be an epoxy paint,and even that won't last long. -That's why they do floors with tile !

How do you get paint off tiles?

If the tiles are glazed, just scrape it off after rubbing with Goof Off for a minute or two. If the tiles are unglazed, it may not come off at all/

You put ceramic tiles on the walls around top of tub not all was wiped off that was a few months ago is there something you can use to remove the hard dried on grout?

try white vinegar

How do you remove stains on ceramic tiles?

You can remove stains on ceramic tiles with bleach. Put on gloves and use straight bleach with a scrub brush. After you get the stain off, clean the area with a mild soap and rinse.

How do you get glaze and paint off of ceramic figures?

Ceramic figures should be left to dry for 24hours and we can easily apply paint & when the paint gets dry applying varnish on it will give a shiny look.

How do you get dried paint off of cats paws?

Wash it

How do you clean dried paint off wood molding?

Paint can be cleaned off of wood molding best while the paint is wet. If the paint is dried, the paint can be scarped off of most wood surfaces. This should be done with care due to possible damage. A paint cleaning solution can be used to prevent damage to the wood molding.

What compound can be applied over ceramic tile?

Grout can be applied over ceramic tile to fill the separations, then safely cleaned off the tiles with a wet to damp sponge.

Can you write with sharpie on ceramic tiles. Will it smudge. Will it look like a fired up tile. What type of ceramic tiles are best to buy for this project. These will be put on the wall.?

If they are glazed, you can write on them, but it will wipe off fairly easily.

How do you get dried paint off of woodwork?

Use a paint remover specially designed for that purpose. Its a messy process, but will work to get most of the paint off. Sanding may be required to get the rest off.

How do you clean mastic off used ceramic tiles?

Scrape off as much as you can, spray with vinegar and water mixture. Then wait about 10 minutes and with a brush, scrub off.

How the space shuttle tile is able to protect the shuttle?

The black tiles underneath the space shuttle are made of ceramics. Ceramics are already fired and thus able to withstand very high temperatures. The ceramic tiles do oxidize (which means material is lost) and are replaced between missions. The failure on Columbia was due to some of those ceramic tiles having fallen off during take off.

How do you get dried Paint off of cushion fabrics?

You can get dried paint off of cushion fabrics by scraping it off with a plastic scraper. The apply some white vinegar to the fabric and blot gently to remove the stain. Rinse with a wet sponge and allow to dry.

How do you get stain off Ceramic tile floor from doing the wood floor to gloss and step on tile and cant get it off?

Try rubbing the stain off with mineral spirits or paint thinner first. If that doesn't work, you may have to try a chemical stripper that removes the type of finish you applied to your wood floors. Generally, they won't damage the glazing on ceramic tiles, but they may strip color from your grout so be careful.

How do you clean dried grout off mosaic tiles?

Moist cloth and elbow grease - works every time!

How do you get the grout off of the ceramic tile after it has dried?

A wet scotch-brite pad works well and it won't damage the tile.

House paint on exterior of car. paint has dried. how can it be removed without damaging paint on car?

wipe off with laquer thinner

How do you clean dried latex paint off tennis shoes?

A product called "Goof-off" or denatured alcohol.

How do you remove spray paint from laminate?

the product Goof Off is supposed to work well on dried paint. be warned, the fumes are terrible