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Use the pieces of metal jutting out from the lighthouse to jump on and quickly ascend to the top.

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Where is the lighthouse and how do you get there on Counterfeit Island?

You will have to swim for it : the lighthouse is on Big Nate Island, not Counterfeit Island.

Were is the lighthouse in poptropica?

At Big Nate Island. You have to keep going right on the island.

What island was the light house was?

There is a lighthouse on Big Nate and Vampire Curse Island.

Where is the telescope in big nate island?

on top of the lighthouse at puffun point

How do you go in the lighthouse on Big Nate island?

The lighthouse is not an "enter-able" structure. You do everything there by climbing on the outside.

How can you turn the crank on Big Nate Island?

On Big Nate Island, you use a lobster (no kidding) to turn the lighthouse crank. (see the related question below)

Where is the lighthouse at in Big Nate island?

if you just start to be in that is island you just keep going right.

Where do you use the scuba gear on poptropica?

You use it on Big Nate Island by the lighthouse.

How do you get the blowing photo at the lighthouse on Big Nate Island?

Climb up on the lighthouse and jump out. (see related question)

How do you get on top of the lighthouse in big Nate island?

what you will need.....a poptropica acountand available on big natejust keep on jumping until you get thercongrates hon! you have just made it to the top of the lighthouse

Where do you use the lopster on poptropica big nate island?

you use it to turn the light on the lighthouse

Where is the school on Big Nate Island?

The school is to the right of Main Street on Big Nate Island. The four main areas are Main Street, the school, the playground, and the lighthouse (Puffin Point).

How do you get in the lighthouse on Big Nate Island?

It is not physically possible to go inside the Lighthouse on Big Nate in Poptroica.You don't. Everything is on the outside (comic at top, photo at bottom, light can be turned - see related question).

Where is the picture for the picture guy on Big Nate island?

Its floating in the air by the left side of the lighthouse.

Where is the old picture in big nate island poptropica?

It's flying around near the lighthouse

How do you get the paper by the lighthouse on Big Nate island?

The part of the comic strip is on top of the lighthouse. The old photograph is blowing around by the left side.

Where is the lighthouse Poptropica?

The light house is next the next place after the playground. If you mean Big Nate Island.

How do you get in the dock building on big nate island?

The lighthouse and building cannot be entered. (see related questions)

How do you look in the telescope on Big Nate Island?

Climb the lighthouse and ask the artist if you can look. (Once you see the seals on Seal-Saw Island, you can race Nate there on the jet skis.)

Where is seal island on big nate island?

The seal island is to the right of the lighthouse, and you can get there by racing Nate on the jet skis.Catch the photo blowing in the air by the lighthouse, and swap it for diving gear at the Photo Shop. Use the gear at the lighthouse to recover Cap'n Salty's lobster trap, and he will give you the keys to the jet skis. You will have to go to the top of the lighthouse and look through the telescope to see the island.

Where can you find a photo to trade for scuba gear on Big Nate Island?

The photo is blowing in the wind near the lighthouse (far right on the island).

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