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You can't get on the rocket at all, it's all a bunch of lies unfortunately.

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Q: How do you get on the rocket on pokemon sapphire?
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How can you make the rocket count down in Pokemon Sapphire?

i think you must catch all the pokemons and then go to the rocket. you can catch jirachi inside the rocket

Second gemstone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you mean the Ruby and Sapphire, the Ruby is in Mt Ember on One Island and the Sapphire is given to you by a Team Rocket Member after defeating him in the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island.

Pokemon FireRed why doesnt the sapphire appear in the cave?

team rocket take it to their warehouse

Where is the scientist that took the sapphire gem in Pokemon firered?

five island in the rocket warehouse.

How do you get the sapphire on Pokemon fire red and LeafGreen?

you get in the team rocket hideout on one of the islands

Where is team rocket in Pokemon sapphire?

Team Rocket is not in Pokémon R/S/E. They appear only in the Kanto and Johto games.

In Pokemon fire red what do you do after you beat team rocket and take the ruby and sapphire to celoe?

You have the sapphire and ruby, you can go to the other games. enjoy.

What do you after beating team rocket on island 5 on Pokemon fire red?

Give the sapphire to celio.

How do you get the sapphire back from team rocket in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Very carefully.................................... Emo

Are the Sapphire and the ruby in Pokemon FireRed both in mount ember?

No. Only the ruby is in mount ember. The Sapphire i located in the rocket warehouse on island five.

What is in doted hole Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Sapphire Needed to connect with Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. But some Guy steals it from you and tells you a password for the rocket base

In Pokemon fire red how do you get the second gem for celio?

To get the Sapphire, you must first go to Six Island and enter the Dotted Hole. When you find the Sapphire, it gets taken right in front of you by a Team Rocket scientist. Now you have to go to Five Island and enter the Team Rocket warehouse, where you will get the Sapphire by defeating Team Rocket.

What do you do after you got through dotted hole on six island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you are going after the Sapphire, then you go to Five Island and run through the Rocket Warehouse to get the Sapphire.

What do you do after you have battled team rocket on island 5?

get the Sapphire and give it to the men at the Pokemon center in island 1

How do you get the saphire on pokemon leafgreen?

to get the sapphire you go to six island and you go to a cave in ruin valley and get to the end then a team rocket grunt will come in and say that the sapphire on the table is his but he will tell you the second pass code for the rocket hideout go to the rocket hideout and beat the admiral and enter the next room you will see the guy who took the sapphire talk to him and he will give it to you

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

Where do you find the sun stone in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Sun Stone is an evolutionary stone that you can find in Pokémon Sapphire. A sailor in the Rocket Center will give you one.

How do you get the sapphire and ruby for celio in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Sapphire is located on Five Island and is given to you after defeating the Team Rocket boss in the Team Rocket Warehouse. The Ruby is located on One Island after traveling through Mt. Ember.

How do get the network working in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to give Celio the ruby and sapphire gem, the ruby is in mt ember and the sapphire is in dotted hole but when you get the sapphire you have to go to five island and go inside the rocket warehouse and defeat a scientist who stole the sapphire from you.

What do you do after the team rockets grunts gives you back the sapphire after defeating the team rocket grunt?

Bring it back to the center on one island by talking to the guy in it. After you can trade with Pokemon Sapphire

Where can you find Pokemon's mansion in Pokemon sapphire?

There is no Pokemon mansion in sapphire.

Where you get the sapphire in Pokemon FireRed version?

Originally you find it in the cave called dotted hole but when you get the sapphire it gets stolen from you you end up going to the rocket warehouse and defeating the robber to get it back.

Where do you find MrCortnent in sapphire?

He is not in Pokemon: Sapphire. You will not be able to find him. He is in Pokemon: Diamond, Pokemon: Pearl, and Pokemon: Platinum. You will definitely have trouble finding him in Pokemon: Sapphire.

Were is the ruby an sapphire stone in Pokemon FireRed?

the ruby is on one island at mt ember, the sapphire is on six island inside dotted hole*note* you must chase the scientist that steals the sapphire from you he is in the rocket warehouse on five island you must defeat him and then he will give you the sapphire.

How do you get the scientist away from the sapphire gem?

You have to go to the Rocket warehouse at Five Island and defeat team rocket and the scientist then he will give you the sapphire.