Call of Duty Black Ops

How do you get online black ops?


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Buy the Call of Duty Black Ops game, put the game in your PC or game console that has an online connection.

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There is online for Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies.

Yes you can play online in black ops with psn and xbox live

Xbox isn't free online, but ps3 is. There's no exception with Call of Duty Black Ops.

You can play online in Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 using the online split-screen support.

The only way you can get ascenison in black ops for free is by hacking it... and if you hack you will get band from playing black ops online or from Xbox live.

You can get the Black Ops ll modeling tool online at

Kill online players and get killstreakes.

You do not they have to be downloaded into your console

Black Ops can be played online on the Wii, just like all other console versions of the game.

Yes. you can have a wi-fi battle on CoD black ops ds.

it means you don't have online or your black ops is scratched and messed

Yes, Call of Duty: Black Ops will have online multiplayer just like many other Call of Duty video games.

Online Xbox 360 play is not free and the online multiplayer mode of Black Ops is the only format for multiplayer

you can play online with xbox 360 and the PC. There are also other systems, but the Playstation Network or Xbox live is on the internet and not actually online gaming which Black Ops does not have.

Some good black ops names are : Dewaynester rayful ednond Blackopsbeast123456

There is no rules in Black ops, online you kill the opposing team or anyone or you capture flags and you get it.

There is a PC version of the game

Its pretty Fn' obvious

you have to go online and download the new version of black ops on to your xbox/playstation console

Black Ops has more players and is considered to be much higher rated as a game than DC Universe Online with only a 7.0 good rating compared to the 9.0 editor's choice rating of Black Ops.

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