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Be honest.

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Q: How do you get out of an obligation without hurting their feelings?
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How do you tell a friend they are not invited to your party without hurting your feelings?

Lie saying that you have already invited to many people I don't think you can do that without hurting their feelings

How can you get someone to not like you without hurting their feelings?

Just tell them. They will understand your feelings.

Your friend says you are a loner without her and she bullies you what should you do?

You should tell them it is hurting your feelings. And really if they are hurting your feelings, are they really your friends? If they doesn't stop, they are not worth it. Get some real freinds!!!

How do you break up with your boyfriend without hurting him?

be honest about your feelings. think about what is better for you.

How do you break up with a guy with out hearting his feelings?

If the guy really loves you there is no way to break up with him without hurting his feelings....

What is the best way to break up with your boyfriend without hurting his feelings?

theyll act tough they wont show theyre feelings

How do you tell a girl you hate her without hurting her feelings?

There's really no way to tell a girl you hate her without hurting her feelings in some shape or form. If you really want to let her know you don't like her, you have to expect hurt feelings, unless she views you in such an indifferent manner, you're almost like stranger to her.

What should you do to get rid of a married man who loves you without hurting his feeling?

its almost impossible to dump a guy without hurting their feelings you'll just have to tell him the truth and hope he doesnt get to upset.

Your bf makes out by engulfing your lips in his how can you make your kisses better without hurting his feelings?

Talk to him about it.

How do you say I hate you to you best friend without hurting feelings?

Just say it don't be afraid

How do you break up with a twelve year old girl without hurting her feelings?

You tell her I hate you

How can you remind others to their duties without hurting their feelings?

You can remind others of their duties without hurting their feelings by bringing up the subject gently. If a person is slacking off and not working, you could ask them how their job is going or if you could help them with something. This tends to get people motivated and willing to do their duties.

How can you say no without hurting someone's feelings?

There is no way one can say no without hurting someone's feelings. You could tell them you like them as a friend and would like to go for a coffee (or a hang-out young people frequent) and make it a little easier on them. Personally, I find honesty and moving on the best policy.

How do you tell your bi bestie your not interested without hurting her feelings?

say i like you but i don't want to date you

How do you dump someone on the internet on msn without hurting his feelings?

you don't it's better to tell them in person

How can i tell my girlfriend without hurting her feelings to shave her moustache?

There is only one way to do this and hope it does not hurt her feelings. You will just have to come right out and say it too her.

How do you stop a girl from being obsessed with you?

If you want a girl to not be obsessed with you any more tell her without hurting her feelings.

How do you tell your guy friend that you do not have anymore romantic feelings for then who now has feelings for you without hurting his feelings?

just tell the guy your sorry and that you dont like him or her but say it nice and tell him that you're still his friend.

How can you dicuss what you did or didn't like without hurting their feelings?

Just discuss it with them ask what they liked or didn't like first then say what you liked or didn't like it shouldn't hurt their feelings

How do you break up with someone without hurting their feelings?

You can drift apart and the other person will think yall are not meant to be together,

How do you tell a boy that you really like that him but you are not ready for a boyfriend without hurting his feelings?

Just tell him the truth. That's the best thing that I can say.

How can you split up with your girlfriend without hurting her feelings?

There are always going to be hurt feelings no matter how hard you try not to hurt someone. Just sit her down, and talk with her and just let it come out. Good luck:)

How do you tell someone they have really bad breath without hurting there feelings?

By telling them that, you are helping them to solve the problem. Call the person out and talk him/her quietly and politely.

How do you get rid of a guy who you are dating but is too clingy and gets on your nerves without hurting his feelings?

just tell him that you need your space and that you hope he understands where your coming from...

How do you tell your friend that you don't want to hang out with them without hurting their feelings?

dude im not liking u rite now. please leave me alone