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Manage rosters, it should come up with your roster of your team and you can select the player you want to release. You cannot do this in my player mode only in the assoiciation, season, main menus etc.

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You have to play games and achieve good stats in them. If you do this, hopefully in a few games you should be called up by an NBA team, then you get to play for them. Just keep doing drills and get better, and get goods stats in you games. Do this and you should be fine.

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Go to options. Go to my controller and than go to controller settings. On preffered position put it on none.

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just F#CKING doit right YEAh

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Q: How do you get out of the d lesgue in nba 2k10 my player mode?
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Do you need NBA 2K10 draft combine to do my player mode on NBA 2K10?

No you can do my player mode on nba 2k10 you need draft combine only if you wanna get drafted after you complete it

Does NBA 2k10 have your player mode?


How do you simulate a game on NBA 2K10 my player mode?

you can't

Is there a career mode on NBA 2k10 for the ps2?

Yes, if you're referring to my player mode.

Why can't you use NBA the 2K Insider on NBA 2K9?

the 2k insider is for my player mode only and my player mode is only in 2k11 and 2k10

Does NBA 2k10 for Wii have my player mode?

Yes there is but it isn't very good.

Why does on your player mode in nba 2k10 freezes?

Because 2k rushed game.

What dunk rating do you need for specialty dunks for nba 2k10 my player mode?


Can you get drafted in my player mode NBA 2k10?

You need NBA draft combine off of XBOX live marketplace in order to get drafted

Is NBA 2k10 different from NBA 2k10 draft combine?

NBA 2K10 is the upcoming (as of Sept 09) video game from 2K sports, while NBA 2k10 Draft Combine is a mini game released to hype the 2K10 full game. NBA Draft Combine 2K10 Features: Enhance your NBA 2K10 experience with this exclusive game from 2K Sports that allows you to create your own custom NBA player and live the life of an NBA hopeful going through the real NBA Draft Combine in Chicago's Attack Gym. Improve your game through drills and Draft Combine scrimmages to increase your NBA draft stock; then pick up a copy of NBA 2K10 to find your created player waiting for you in the all-new My Player mode to experience the NBA Draft and begin your path to NBA stardom.

How do you do the All-Star Layup Package on NBA 2k10?

It all depends on how you play in 2k10 my player mode you get your lay up like at 99%and you get your all star packageif its create player mode then you can jus chooseyou can just do a lay up.

How do you put your NBA 2k10 draft combine player to my player mode on NBA 2k10?

You shouldn't do it anyway because you start off better in my player mode without draft combine. My guy is a 99 overall in the begining of his 2nd season. So you should just play without the draft combine and you will end up like me.