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How do you get over a boy who cheated on you and then lied about it?


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Just move on and realize that there is someone else out there for you. Also know that you can get past them because if they were real with you they wouldn't have cheated in the first place. And if they wouldn't have cheated they wouldn't have had anything to lie about it.

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There is no official term for the fear of being cheated on or lied to. However, it is a trust issue. It may be something that takes awhile to get over.

well, if she cheated and lied about it you probably shouldn't be together anymore but only if you KNOW she cheated and lied about it... unless you can work things about, she (or you) won't do it again, and you completely trust each other... you probably shouldn't be together anymore... or at least take a break from each other

the spanish lied to them, cheated them, stole from them and eventually murdered them

No way! Relationships should be based on love and mutual trust.

The only thing you can do is just move on if he cheated on you with your best friend. Don't be mad at her, it's not her fault. It is his fault he was not a true boyfriend after all.

No, unless you really believe you can make things right again...

She should make a promise to herself never to date another married woman. It's a matter of personal dignity.

You can't! Shouldn't of cheated on him you jerk. If does come back to you he is not worth it anyway!

Watch Appaloosa and decide if you can do what the Ed Harris character decided to do.

a good song would be love the way u lieif they cheated or lied to u

move on bro ! your fault you cheated.. she has the right to move on also....YOU JERKK!

Beat her ass. Then beat his for believing her. THen get over it and move to another boy toy.

If in marriage, then he is undoubtedly sinning.

umm i have no ideaa well y would you lied and cheat at him for?? dress up sexy then tell him you so sorry tell him how you miss him and good things about him then go 4 it

No! Leave him immediately. If he cared for you, he would not have cheated on you. Do not think it's your fault. Do not take him back if he tries to trick you into it. Do not stay with him. Remember - Once a cheater, always a cheater.

As a male I myself would tell them if you dont believe me that is your problem GOODBYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see she cheated on him who cheted on her and she cheated on him thanks for asking -sara Parker

If the boy you cheated on with is in all of your dreams it may be due to you thinking about him a lot.

no they lied and cheated me of $1200 dollars . It was and still is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with.

During a private moment, just say, "I'm sorry [name], but I need to let you know that I cheated on you." The conversation will flow from there.

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