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real estate is always a risk. I use to live in Vancouver, B.C., and my family home was sold in the late 1980s for $365,000, and that same house on a fairly large lot is now worth one million dollars! When we sell it's always going to go up when more people move in or there is more building going on. I don't know what your circumstances are financially, but here is a good idea. If you have money left from the sale of your house then go on a mini holiday to another town or State and look over the Real Estate properties there. Usually smaller towns are a great investment (somewhere not more than 80 - 100 miles from where you live (if possible) and try to buy a piece of property with a decent little house on it to rent out that will help pay your mortgage and taxes on it. The other option you have is to go into a banking institution and ask what homes the banks have taken over because the person has not been able to pay the mortgage or kept the taxes up. Often you can pick up a small house on a good piece of property, rent it out to pay off the rest of the mortgage and make a good profit. Watch what is being built around the town and talk to Real Estate Agents and pick their brains. Be wary, that Real Estate Agent wants to make their commission, but, take a little of their advice, survey the town you are interested in, talk to a few people in the town and look at property and what you can afford and sit on it for awhile. Hope this helps.

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Do you think the fosters regret selling the wood in tuck everlasting?


What is the antonym for 'regret'?

contentment! is the right answer!

What do you regret most in your life?

Nothing. If regret my life then I would regret how I have lived. Life is what it is and we do the best we can.

What is the Hebrew word for regret?

Regret - 'Charata (חרטה)

What is the adverb form of regret?

Regretfully. Filled with regret.

What is regret in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of REGRET: hinayang

Do teens regret becoming teen moms?

Depending on the person. They may not regret being a teen mom, they just regret the move they made. A child should never be a regret.

What are synonyms of 'regret'?

AnswerrueAnswerrue, ruefulness, sorrow

What is the past tense of regret?

The past form of Regret is Regretted.

What is the English-to-Latin translation of regret?

Dolere = to regret.

How do you start a regret letter?

Dear______, I regret my decision to_______________

Can you give me a sentence using the word regret?

I regret that I am 44.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We regret for the inconvenience caused to you. which of these 2 sentences correct?

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

How do you spell the word 'regret' in German?

"Bedauern" is the German word for "regret". much to my regret > sehr zu meinem Bedauern. Also "Bereuen" You will regret that > Das werden Sie Bereuen. The choice is dependent on the intended meaning of the sentence.

You regret for not having checked that Is that a grammatically correct statement?

No. You can say "I regret not having checked that," or "You regret not having checked that." The word "for" is unnecessary.

If you had to choose something that you regret what would it be and why?

WikiAnswers cannot read your mind to know what you regret - you'll have to answer the question honestly and tell them what you regret and why.

How do you say 'no regret' in Latin?

No regret = Nullum desiderium

What is the duration of Regret to Inform?

The duration of Regret to Inform is 1.2 hours.

What is the duration of Everlasting Regret?

The duration of Everlasting Regret is 1.92 hours.

What is the duration of No Regret film?

The duration of No Regret - film - is 1.9 hours.

We know what ruthless means but what does Ruth mean?

The core word is 'rue', or to regret. So ruthless is without regret, and rueful or ruefully is with regret.

How do you use regret in a sentence as a noun?

My regret is that I didn't take the training when I had the opportunity.

How do you spell regret?

That is the correct spelling of the verb and noun "regret" (rue the past).

What is a regret?

Regret is an emotion associated with wishing something in the past never happened, something you did that you wish you'd didn't do. To regret something is to experience that emotion.

What was President Clinton biggest regret?

Although he has expressed regret for several things, he has stated that his biggest regret was his failure to act to stop the genocide in Rwanda.

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