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There are some Non-Perscription pain killers such as Asprin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen. For stronger stuff, ask your doctor

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Q: How do you get pain killers?
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What are pain killers?

pain killers are a type of drug that relieves pain

Can you consider pain killers as drug?

ALL pain killers are drugs!

What is the difference between pain killers and antibiotics?

pain killers are for pain related issues, and antibiotics are for infections,

What are the use of pain killers?

To kill pain.

Why do we use pain killers?

To relieve pain

Addicted to pain killers?

No. Are you?

Who invented pain killers?

there is many inventors for pain killers like Edward parac who invented paracetamol :)

How do you relieve internal hemorrhoid pain?

Pain killers.

What is oxycoton?

Oxycodone is an opioid pain killer used to treat moderate and severe pain. Opioid pain killers are also known as narcotic pain killers.

Can Pain killers delay your period?


Are pain killers a plant?

no its a bacteria

Why was Heath Ledger taking pain killers?

Perhaps he was in pain?

Short term effects from pain killers?

There is less pain.

What are examples of pain killers?

if you have a headache they help to kill pain.

Are pain killers considered to be depressants?

Not automatically, no. Some "pain killers" are depressants and others aren't. Aspirin, for example, is an analgesic ("pain killer") but not a depressant.

What pain killers can you take with methotrexate?

You can take all the common pain killers like paracetamol, ibuprofen, indomethacin, naproxyn.

Can you take pain killers and smoke weed?

I do. I actually don't like to take pain killers without smoking weed.

Is it safe to take narcotic pain killers while taking amoxicillin?

Yes. Answer There is no reason that taking amoxicillin would prevent you from taking any type of pain killers. However, you may have sensitivities to the pain killers that are independent of Antibiotic use. I would advise speaking to the doctor who prescribed you the pain killers if you are concerned.

You took for pain killers in one week will you pass a hair drug test?

Non-prescription pain killers, yes. Opiates, no.

What are 2 examples of pain killers?

if you have a headache they help to kill pain.

How long does it take pain killers to kill pain?

As long as they want!

Can taking pain killers for back pain make you less fertile?


What can cause period with no pain?

Being lucky, or being on pain killers.

Is an analgesic a pain killer or a germ fighter?

Analgesics are pain killers.

Is there a lot of pain after the SURGERY?

it sounds painful but there are pain killers also