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waterless cleaner from the hardware store. Not sure of the name bit it's a brownish/grey gritty substance. Oily too. Our skin is porous, and what we put on it is absorbed by our bodies. I find hot water and elbow grease to be a very effective paint remover.

We just got a load of paint primer and paint off our arms and fingers with goo gone. It works! For our hands, we sprayed some of the orange-scented gel on and put on a latex glove for 5 minutes and - voila - all of the primer and paint was literally melted off. And it didn't leave our skin raw.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-16 21:10:40
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Q: How do you get paint primer off of your skin?
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Is a primer necessary on a cement wall?

Cement can wick moisture from outside that will cause your paint to peel off. Look for a primer that will seal it first, then paint it.

What do you need to do to peeling paint?

Scrub it all off, sand the surface and paint a primer first.

Can you use latex primer over oil base enamel?

Yes, primer is what you need to put on in order to put latex paint over the oil paint. Latex primer is fine, but if you put latex paint directly on it will peel off.

How do you use regular paint as a primer?

You do NOT use regular paint as primer. It contains none of the qualities of primer.

Can you paint eggshell paint plus primer over a primer?

You can, but don't need to use additional primer.

Can you paint over a water based paint with an epoxy based paint?

Only if the water based paint is a primer. If not,then paint a primer first.

Can you paint over old concrete paint?

Yes, as long as it's not flaking off. If it is, use a primer first.

Can you sand black algae off a plaster pool and paint it first with a primer and then with an epoxy paint?

yes you can

Can you paint over primer?

Of course you can. Primer helps paint stick to what ever you are painting.

Behr paint with primer on cabinets?

Behr primer and Behr paint are excellent for cabinets.

Does your paint have a primer in it or do we have to purchase seperately?

It's always best (for the best quality) to paint with primer first, then your regular coat of paint. Let the primer dry sufficiently.

Can you use the primer as your primary main paint?

No you can not use primer as your paint because it has no sealing properites in it.

Can you paint an alkyd paint over a latex paint without a primer?

It is usually recommended that you noy paint over latex paint with oil based paint, primer will not help.

Do you need a special paint for corrugated steel?

Paint? No. Primer? YES. Corrugated steel is galvanized so you will need an etching galvanized metal primer. Regular paint or primer will peel off in no time! The etching primer as you can guess by the name actually reacts with the steel for a better bond. The steel should be sandblasted beforehand, or al least pressure washed thoroughly. The paint will adhere to the primer. Go to any real paint store (not a big box store with a paint department), let them know what you want to do and they will be glad to help and answer any questions.

Why is it important to apply primer to painting?

you should not apply primer to painting. primer is used before you paint as a step to prepare for paint. primer is used to seal the object your preparing to paint also to give the paint something to stick to. glad you leaned something and your welcome

Can you paint latex paint over oil based primer?

paint it with a universal primer such as "BLOCKER" brand first Yes, you can. My preference is to use oil base primer under latex (water base) paint, because in my experience the oil base primer lasts longer. It stays stuck to the wood longer. I think latex primer is basically bogus. I have wasted a lot of time using latex primer and it comes loose and I have to sand it all off and use oil base primer. Latex primer does not work. Just like latex paint sticks poorly to bare wood. Latex paint does not have much "stick" (also called "tack"). It is a thin sheet of rubber, and there is very little "tack" to it to keep it glued to the wood. Latex peels off readily, once you put a knife under an edge.

How do you paint unfinished furniture?

I paint a primer overall first, then lightly sand, then another primer. Now it's ready to paint.

How does paint primer work?

Paint primer is essential for many projects. If primer is sprayed onto the surface before painting, it will allow the paint to better adhere and create an even surface.

How do you paint galvanized gutters?

To paint galvanized metal you need a special primer. Look in a paint store or home supply store for a primer for galvanized metal. After the primer coat dries you can use any exterior paint.

Can you paint white paint on brown primer?

Yes, you can because brown primer isn't that dark of a color.

Can you paint over shellac primer with oil primer?

Yes, you can.

Can you mix latex paint with primer?

No. It will alter the colour and properties of the paint - but you can buy premixed paint and primer at the store that is designed to work together.

Can you use latex paint over oil base primer?

yes. However, you cannot use an oil base paint over a latex primer. If you change your mind on the paint, you must strip the paint before you use an oil based paint on the primer.

How do you get fabric paint off the skin?


Do you have to paint over primer?