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its just like fire red. evolve him to a charizord with a fire stone. then rasie him to a high level. then go to the gym and fight her! it worked for me! also i cant remember when you get flamethrower but when you get it use that! besides fire blast its the strongest! id say raise ur charzord to level 32 and fight misty! that's how i won!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:25:19
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Q: How do you get past Misty with my charmelieon in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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How do you get past the Snorlax in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go get a Pokemon flute

How do you get past a sleeping Pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Use the pokeflute.

How do you get past the Pokemon mantion on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Just talk to the statues.

How do you get past the pokemon tower in pokemon leafgreen?

There is no way you keep battling until you lose

Where is Snorlax in pokemon leafgreen?

He is the sleeping pokemon blocking the entrance to cycling road and past vermillion city

How do you get past snorlax in pokemon leafgreen?

You will first get the poke flute and then use it to Snorlax.

How do you get past road guard in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you need to get fresh water and give it to him

How do you get into the indigo plataea in Pokemon LeafGreen?

get all the badges and get past victory road and have all Pokemon with HMS i thinks

How do you get Misty and Erika to their gyms in Pokemon soul silver?

To get to Misty you have to go to the Power Plant and fix the thing up there. Then you go to Bill's grandga's house and if you go past his house you will find Misty and her boyfriend. And as for Erika she is already there.

How do you get past the poke' tower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Make sure your strong. Bring Lv.75-100 Pokemon

How do you get Kantos starters in Pokemon diamond?

Just migrate from the past games Pokemon leafgreen/firered or ruby/Sapphire/emerald. Then you will have them all.

Are you going to past root sixteen on your way to spere pillar in Pokemon diamond?

no because Route 16 is on Pokemon leafgreen and firered

How do you get the Johto Pokemon onto Pokemon Diamond?

migrate the Pokemon from past game boy advanced games like emerald, firered, leafgreen, sapphire and ruby.

How do you get past seafoam island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

remove your batteries and throw them into a pond, then take a hammer to your game.

Why is misty not past bills house in Pokemon heartgold?

i dont really know, but ask this guy on club penguin named jojo7982. i talkeed to him and he knows everything about pokemon.

How do you get past curulean city on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Have you gotten past nugget bridge, talked to Bill the pokémaniac and beaten misty? if you havent, go do that.Nugget bridge is roughly above and to the left(i believe) of misty's gym. if you already have done the following, then go through the house that the police dude was blocking.He should now be standing beside the door.

How do you get past the ghosts in Pokemon tower pokemin Pokemon LeafGreen?

Once you infiltrate Silph Co., you will get the Silph Scope which will allow you to reveal the ghost as it really is.

How rare is magmar in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Magmar is VERY rare and you have to find it past kindle road but not inside the mountain

How do you get to memorial pillar on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Surf south off of 5 island. Go past the island of flying Pokemon trainers. Memorial pillar right after.

How do you get past officer jenny in Pokemon Red?

you need to have beaten misty in ceruleun city, then you can go through the house and get TM 28, dig

How do you get past lt surge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't because you might not have a Walk Through Walls cheat/Tweaking glitch.

How do you get past the rough water in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can only use Surf on calm water its not possible to surf on rough water.

What gym do you go to after beating Misty in Pokemon Soul Silver?

I think that you get past Saffron city and go to Celadon City and beat Ericka that will be the best choice. ____ After Misty you go to Vermillion City to take on Lt. Surge.

Will Pokemon LeafGreen work on Game Boy Advance?

Pokemon LeafGreen was made for the Gameboy Advance, and so yes, it will work on that system. It will also work in a Nintendo DS that has the extra slot (3DS and later do not have the extra slot), where you can play from that slot or migrate past Pokemon to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you past the team rocket hideout in Pokemon LeafGreen?

just keep on battleing Intel you beat the boss near the top floor