Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

How do you get past mew two on Pokemon fire red?



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First of all you would not want to defeat him and not catch him. Second of all the only thing behind mew 2 is the zenox triger. But the zenox trigger will only apear behind mew 2 if you have a natonail poke dex and beat the elite 4 10 times. The zenox trigger lets you acces the silph mines in the cave of mount ember. The cave is on your way to moltres. Use the zenox trigger anywhere in the cave to open the seceret door. There you will enter. The last of the legendary dogs are in there. If you got suicune, raiku or enti the opposite dog will wait in silph mines. The other dog is waiting for you in your room and your mom will be outside saying the house is under attack. When you enter there will be chanseys, charizards, larons, unkowns and a legendary dog in your room. You house will be rebuilt after you catch or defeat the legendary dog. Hope this helped. O and only use ultra balls, the free poke ball you get with every 10 pokeball purchase or the master balls. You get one from silph co and one from ceilo after you beat the elite 4