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you cant you have to get the lase gogle things

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What is the past tense of bow?

The past tense of bow is bowed.

How do you get past the laser on the tall building in the Poptropica game Spy Island?

You go to the very edge on the left side and use your grappling bow tie to help you get up there.

What is the past of bow?


What is the list of weapons that start with laser?

The list of weapons that start with laser are: Laser axe Laser bow Laser chaingun Laser chainsaw Laser cannon Laser crossbow Laser daggers Laser gatling gun Laser knife Laser machete Laser machine gun Laser rapier Laser rocket launcher Laser scythe Laser shotgun Laser slingshot Laser sword Laser tommy gun Laser whip and countless others

How do you get a laser pen and grapple bow tie on poptropica?

To get the laser pen and the bowtie, you have to rescue the first two spies on Spy Island.

Are laser sites legal for compound bows during deer season in Illinois?

Laser sites are not used on a crossbow. The only thing that uses laser sites is a compound bow.

Can a bow and arrow be owned by a past felon in nys?


Is the big bad bow sold in stores or only online?

The big bad bow is sold in stores, sometimes the store runs out though.

What gadgets do you get in poptropica spy island?

1. Chameleon suit ( camouflage)2. Grappling Bow tie3. Laser Vision Glasses4. Laser Pen

Can you get a big bad bow at target?


Can the bow parts on the Nerf big bad bow be detatched?

yes, you have to destroy the part that holds them in

Why do you bow in karate?

You bow in karate to show respect. You bow to your partner or opponent before you spar or train. You bow when entering or exiting the training area to show respect for it. And you bow to your instructor.

How do you get past the laser with the grabbling bow tie in poptropica?

To get past the yellow beams, wait until they disappear before moving. To get past the red beams, you need the special goggles from after you rescue an agent. Wear them, and you will see when the red beams disappear. To use the grappling hook overtop of the red beams, wait till they disappear, then click. I hope this helped. :)

Is it bad if you lose a bow in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

Yes, because your bow increases the power of your team when you have it so it is bad if you lose the bow you start off with (if it is a friend bow, that does not matter as much because it only increases the recruitment rate by 10 percent)

How do you get on top of the BAD Bistro in poptropica?

You use the bow to get there

What does bow wow feet look like?

not bad

Can air zone's foam arrows be used with nerf's big bad bow?

The answer is YES! The Air Zone Arrows work just fine with the Big Bad Bow.

How do you get the bowtie in spy island on poptropica?

Go to the laser beam house. At the top there is what seems to be a prison window, use the laser pen to open it find the guy inside and get the grappling bow tie.

Does bow wow have a girl friend?

well bow wow has had lots of girl frends in his past but noww he is curently free from wat i noe ofps bow wow is tooo bootiful

How do you get the graple bow tie?

first u have to reach the top of the mansion of beaming windows.use your laser pen to cut the metal rescue the second spy and he will give u th bow tie

Where do you get the bow tie in poptropica spy island?

c actually you get the laser pen some idiot put the wrong answer and i fixed it

What is bad about bow shaped aquarium?

There isn't anything bad about them unless you get annoyed by the way it is shaped.

How much does a big bad bow cost?

at walmart it is 19.98

Where do you get the laser glasses on poptropica?

If you already have the grappling bow tie you're covered. Use it to go to the roof top green house. You find the third spy you get her out with the "cherry bomb". She'll give you the laser googles

How many acres is broken bow lake?

Broken Bow Lake, OK has a surface area covering 14,000 acres.