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just go to victory road and head up. victory road is on the left of viridian city. You keep going up past the guards and you come to a tunnel. all you have to do is get to the other side of the tunnel and you will see the league just north of where you are. The first leader is ice, so use any strong electric pokemon, Zapdos is quite good or amphrodos if on gold, silver or crystal. ^ If on Pokémon Gold or Silver the first Elite is Psychic, because it's hard to get bug type pokémon my strategy is I have Typhlosion and it has Flamethrower(Fire), Thunderpunch(Lightning) (and also Iron Tail(Fighting) and Earthquake(Ground)) which easily takes care of the flying and water psychic pokémon, the rest of them are weak to fire. The second Elite is mostly bug so a fire type owns them, but to take care of Muk us a ground attack(Earthquake) and for Crowbat use Electric(Thunderpunch) The Third Elite is Fighting, to beat him use Flying (e.g. Pidgeot) The Fourth is Dark and they're weak to Fighting (e.g Machoke) The Final, Lance, uses Dragon so use Ice type (e.g. Lapras)

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Q: How do you get past the Pokemon league in Pokemon Gold silver crystal leafgreen firered?
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How do you get gsc Pokemon in emerald?

You can get Gold, Silver and Crystal Pokemon by trading them with either FireRed or LeafGreen, then trade those Pokemon in FireRed and LeafGreen with your Emerald. Or after you've defeated the League go to the Safari Zone and the area that was blocked off, can now be explored, it has Johto Pokemon to a certain extent.

What are the directions to the Pokemon league?

Eh...which game? In Pokemon ruby or sapphire, therez a specific way to get through the cave, and in Pokemon firered or leafgreen, therez a specific way as well...

How do you get to the Pokemon league in Pokemon Red?

To get to the Pokemon League in Firered/Leafgreen. You must have all 8 gym badges, have a team that knows all HM's(you'll need them), and a strong team to get past the trainers. Best of luck. Pokemon Master Chewie.

How do you get to hall of in Pokemon LeafGreen?

beat the Pokemon league

How do you complete Pokemon FireRed?

beat the Pokemon league

How do you get to the johto league on my Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant

How do you beat the pokemon league in Pokemon FireRed?

nuke em

Where is the ruby located in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It is located in Mt. Ember on Island One after you beat the Pokemon league. The cave that the rockets were blocking before is open for exploration after talking to Celio about the ruby and sapphire. After you get both, you can trade Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen to Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,Colossuem and XD.

How do you get to Gary at the Pokemon league in Pokemon firered version?

defeat the Elite Four at the indigo league

Where to get squritle on Pokemon Diamond?

you have to beat the Pokemon league, then talk to Prof. Rowan you will meat prof. Oak and he tells you about pal Park, were you need FireRed or LeafGreen in the gameslot, you can then transfer your squirtle from your old game

How do you reach the Pokemon league on Pokemon FireRed?

u go to the place

What do you do when you beat the Pokemon league twice in LeafGreen?

You celebrate

How do you get to the johto league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

u can't

How do you access your national Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Talk to oak after you beat the pokemon league.

What to do to go to mt silver in firered?

Pokemon league

Is lorlei at the league the second time in Pokemon firered?

no she is not

Where is the league in Pokemon FireRed?

West from Viridian City.

What level is the Pokemon league in FireRed?

level 1

On Pokemon LeafGreen what do you do after you've caught Mewtwo?

Face the Pokemon League again

What is the best training spot on Pokemon Crystal?

the Pokemon league

Were can you find Pokemon league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Left of Viridian city is a path leading up to indigo plateau. That is the pokemon league.

In Pokemon LeafGreen what do you do after you bet the league the 2nd time?

Then you have to get all the Pokemon you can and try to get all the Pokemon.

Where is the montress was yellow on Pokemon FireRed?

it is in victory road when your going to the Pokemon league

How do you go in the cerulean cave in Pokemon FireRed?

You must beat the Pokemon league.

Why does Pokemon Crystal not include Mewtwo?

Crystal does not have Mewtwo. Instead it has Ho-oh after you beat the Pokemon league.