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  • First you log in to facebook and type in the search box pet society.
  • Next when you are in pet society click add play fish cash.
  • Then click how many you want.
  • Then click buy.
  • Next type in your bank number.
  • Once you done that you will have play fish cash.
  • If you want FREE play fish cash go Google.
  • Type in free play fish cash in pet society.
  • Have fun playing with play fish cash!
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How do you convert coins to playfish cash in pet society?

You can't. You can only convert Playfish cash to coins.

How do you get playfish cash on Pet Society?

you have to buy it by going to the cash shop

How do you get playfish cash?

You can buy them at Walgreen's and you can buy them online from pet society

Can you earn playfish money on pet society?

no,but you can buy it from the cash shop or complete offers.

How do you add a room on pet society?

You get rooms by leveling up, and if you have Playfish Cash, you can buy an extra room

How do you get play fish cash without paying cash in pet society?

You can complete offers and do surveys. That's how I got Playfish cash without paying. Very good.

How do you earn playfish cash of Pet Society for free?

well you cant but i think you can get cc items by logging in for 5 days in a row

On pet society how do you get playfish coins?

you can go to the cash shop and complete a free survey to get 10 play fish coins per survey

How do you get free playfish cash on pet society on Facebook?

the best way i have found is ,simply go 2 http://fb-hints.co.cc/?p=137 there u can get easy free petsociety cash

How do you get playfish cash in restaurant city on facebook?

You have to buy a Playfish cash card from Walgreens.

How do you get 10000 money in pet society?

The only way you can get 10000 money in pet society is if you use cheat engine 9 or if playfish give you free money

Where do you get a pet for your pet on pet society and how much is it?

You can get a petling in the Outdoor store/Petlings. There are different varietys of pets. The kitten is 1,000 coins. The puppy is 1,500 coins.(<I'm not too sure) Other petlings are either purchasable with coins or playfish cash.

How do you get playfish coins on Pet Society?

Go to my website!!! I got tons of cheats for you!! http://cheatingstar97.blogspot.com

How do you get free playfish cash on fifa superstars on facebook?

Do the Flora Heart Age test and get 5 free Playfish cash :)

What is play fish card pin code?

It's a code on the back of a Playfish card that you can enter in a Playfish Game in exchange for a certain amount of Playfish cash. Different cards with different amounts of Playfish cash can be purchased for real money from retailer stores.

How do you use the hair dye in pet socitey?

Go to the clothing shop, then go to the hair stylist section. it costs playfish cash.

Paano makukuha ang playfish cash?

go to trial pay and click a question survey or more after qwestion survey get 1 playfish cash

Pet society cheat codes?

how to get free coins on pet society and you could get more Playfish cash with this too. you need tosend an email to Playfish's pet society coop. manager (Alen Richards) (Email removed due to out of stock.) put in the code QBCNOD in the emailyou need to put your Facebook email address and password.wait for 1 day then you should have 250,535 coinsthere are other codesOBSTQA - 34 Playfish cashQSAQHI - random furnitureQAOQOU - level up (56)if you want you can do all of themso email the code EXACTLY with your email address and password (Facebook ) and after 1 day you shall have all you want.these are really great codes and i hope you'll have a good time with your free coins when you get them. :)(courtesy of playfish forums)Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Due to unprecedented demand for playfish's pet society cash coins and furniture, we are all out stock.-sincerely yours,Alen richardsplayfish's pet society coop. manager

How do you get free pet society cash in pet society?

play 5 days in a rowDo you get it on 10lvl or on 15lvl?

How you get free pet society cash in pet society?

Most facebook games protect against such exploits. This is no exclusion. You cant.

Reset your score in pet society?

No, Don't You'll lose your high scorePlayfish won't let you. It says on their website that they have decided you can't reset your points.

How do you get special seeds in pet society?

you just go to the outdoor store and look for special kinds of seeds, some might cost playfish coins though.

What shop has a fishtank on pet society?

The garden shop sells three different sizes of fish tanks, small, medium and large at 500, 1500, and 3000 coins respectively. The cash shop currently only sells a gingerbread fishbowl for 8 playfish cash but for a limited time there were more varieties for the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

Is there a way you can get playfish cash for free?

No! Unless you pay for those stupid surveys!

How do you make your pet's head disappear in pet society?

There is a ring in the Cash Shop in Pet Society that makes your pet disappear. If you put clothes on your pet and then the ring you will have no head!! The ring is $10 real money, unfortunately.

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