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How do you get playfish coins?

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You can't. You can only convert Playfish cash to coins.

you can go to the cash shop and complete a free survey to get 10 play fish coins per survey

Go to my website!!! I got tons of cheats for you!!

Playfish was created in 2007.

25 playfish cash(real money) or 65,000 coins

You have to buy a Playfish cash card from Walgreens.

You can get a petling in the Outdoor store/Petlings. There are different varietys of pets. The kitten is 1,000 coins. The puppy is 1,500 coins.(<I'm not too sure) Other petlings are either purchasable with coins or playfish cash.

It's a code on the back of a Playfish card that you can enter in a Playfish Game in exchange for a certain amount of Playfish cash. Different cards with different amounts of Playfish cash can be purchased for real money from retailer stores.

you just go to the outdoor store and look for special kinds of seeds, some might cost playfish coins though.

Do the Flora Heart Age test and get 5 free Playfish cash :)

go to trial pay and click a question survey or more after qwestion survey get 1 playfish cash

You can buy them at Walgreen's and you can buy them online from pet society

you have to buy it by going to the cash shop

No! Unless you pay for those stupid surveys!

If you visit about fifty three people or a little more your pet wont receive its usual $20-30 dollars. It will only receive $5-10. Unfair, I know, but that is how Playfish made it.

how to get free coins on pet society and you could get more Playfish cash with this too. you need tosend an email to Playfish's pet society coop. manager (Alen Richards) (Email removed due to out of stock.) put in the code QBCNOD in the emailyou need to put your Facebook email address and password.wait for 1 day then you should have 250,535 coinsthere are other codesOBSTQA - 34 Playfish cashQSAQHI - random furnitureQAOQOU - level up (56)if you want you can do all of themso email the code EXACTLY with your email address and password (Facebook ) and after 1 day you shall have all you want.these are really great codes and i hope you'll have a good time with your free coins when you get them. :)(courtesy of playfish forums)Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Warning!Due to unprecedented demand for playfish's pet society cash coins and furniture, we are all out stock.-sincerely yours,Alen richardsplayfish's pet society coop. manager

no,but you can buy it from the cash shop or complete offers.

here is how to get a pegasus petling for COINS! not PLAYFISH CASH i have done my research quite fairly and here are my findings as of how to get a pegasus petling: there are cheats if you download fiddler and something else. go on youtube the links are in the description box. here is how: buy a petling lion. change the database and make playfish cash, into coins buy growth potion feed petling lion the growth potion and it grows into a lion. youtube videos will probably explain alot more fiddler and database changer mc thingy did not work on my computer but if you download them to the correct spot they will. Also see: how to go up levels quickly

you cannot. unless, you buy this with real actual money

You Can't For These Reasons 1.It Uses Social Friends So There Is Coms In Game But It Uses Facebook Friends As Well 2.You Need Facebook And Facebook Is Always Online! And 3. Its Playfish Playfish = Online Games

You get rooms by leveling up, and if you have Playfish Cash, you can buy an extra room

Find the indredients market, enter the "playfish cash infredients" and you find them...

its easy just use cheat engine or you can play all playfish game till a high level if you have level 20 in each game you get 2 cash but that worked 1 year ago. Because ! year ago there are not many games.

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