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If a girl has her period every month at that age, she can become pregnant if there is unprotected sexual intercourse with a fertile man/boy.

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Yes! I had it and am now 11 weeks pregnant.

No she should not get pregnant at this age.

No it's not gonna help you get pregnant.

If you haven't had your first period then no your not pregnant

ten or 11 years. my daughter was 11 when i became pregnant while my tubes are tied, clipped, and burnt.

Yes - there are recorded cases of 11 year old girls and younger being pregnant and giving birth.

horses stay pregnant for 11 months

If she is having her period then yes she can get pregnant.

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It will depend upon her puberty. If she has her menstrual cycle, yes she can get pregnant. But there is absolutely no reason why an 11 year old she be concerned about getting pregnant. No 11 year old needs to be having sex for any reason though.

11 months.and 10 days after the baby is born she can get pregnant again

Yes as soon as you start puberty you can become pregnant

lm 11 and half weeks pregnant with brown blood just started.

It would depend. Some 11 - 12 year olds can get pregnant at that stage.

Yes, 'Lina Medina' got pregnant at the age of 5 in Peru.

ANY girl regardless of what she is can get pregnant if she has sex with a boy if she has started puberty.

Yes. Some can get pregnant as young as 4 months old.

If a 11 year old gets pregnant by a man who is 22 he will probably spend a long time in jail because that is statutory rape and absolutely disgusting. An 11 year old should not be getting pregnant, especially by some nasty 22 year old!!!!!

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Firstly to get pregnant you would have to start your period. If you have started at around about 11 then you would know by missing your periods. They should come monthly but if not... There you go.

Not without sperm. And if you're 11, you're probably pre-pubescent so you cant get pregnant anyways.

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