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you cant, you need to have special surgeries if you absolutley want to, but...

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Is your poop brown if you are pregnant?

no its pink im serious cause im pregnant

Can a Pregnancy test tell im pregnant if im on your period?

If you have your period, you are probably not pregnant.

Can a guy get another guy pregnant?

No. Human males do not have the ability to become pregnant.

Could a guy get another guy pregnant?

No men are not equipped to become pregnant.

Im 13 and pregnant?

im 13 and im pregnant! im really worried. what should i do? Tell your parents or someone you trust they will help, or call childline.

Can a guy get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have spirm?

can a guy get a girl pregnant if he doesn't have spirm

You had a tubal but you think im pregnant?

i think im pregnant but ive been sterlized ive had children before to no what it feels like to be pregnant

How would you know if im pregnant but im not regular in your period because im breast feeding?

Even if you are breast feeding and you do get pregnant , you can know by the morning sickness and the urine test report if you are pregnant or not.

Are you sure that raven is not pregnant?

Im am sure Raven is not pregnant

If you like girls does that mean im pregnant?

No you have to have sex to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if a guy rubs his penis on your vagina?

NO. The guy needs to ejaculate for there to be a chance you will get pregnant. touching does nothing.

Do your breast only have liquid if your pregnant?

Good question…im not too sure considering im not pregnant and wont be for a while! :)

What is the best time to not get pregnant?

when you're pregnant. when the guy is your dad

How late would your period be if im pregnant?

You would not have your period if you are pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you moves your hand from face where a guy rubs his penis?

No you can not get pregnant only if the guy inserts his penis in your virginia

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