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get a ditto and than erase it then after you have gotten mewtwo trade it to fire red then trade back and you will have 16 rare candys

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Where do you get rare candy on Pokemon LeafGreen?

in my but

How do you do the rare candy cheat in Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon?

Rare Candies are not for sale in any shop in Pokemon LeafGreen.You have to find them or clone them.

Rare candy code in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The rare candy code in Leaf Green is 78374878947982998949429284933.

How do you clone a rare candy on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can but its hard to do and not worth it.

How do you get a rare candy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can find some in Mt. Moon

How do you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon?

Using the action replay, if you don't have one, go to

Is there a cheat to get a lot of rare candy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes there is but i am not going to tell you it so hahahaaahhahaha

Where can i buy a rare candy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant you idiot. if you wonna level Pokemon up get a game shark and do gain 5000 ex.

How do you copy rare candy on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant copy the Rare candy you need ACTION REPLAY to get a LOT OF THEM! my friend used action replay and got 91199 rare candys even if you use them they never dissapeer.

How do you get unlimited rare candies for Pokemon LeafGreen?

get 2 Pokemon put them in the day care centre but get the 1 Pokemon to hold rare candy or masterball when the egg hatches hopefully it will be holding the copied item

What is the rare candy code for Pokemon LeafGreen?

Original Post {use a special code}.... DAHH THATS WHAT THERE ASKING FOR LOSER

Rare Candy Pokemon Pearl?

Yes there is rare candy in pearl

What is the gamesharkcode for rare candypokemon LeafGreen?

Rare candy 88CFA129 357400B2 51CF1F27 2E270374

Cheat codes for rare candy on Pokemon LeafGreen?

There are two listed cheat codes one can used for rare candy on the Pokémon Leaf Green game. The listed cheat codes are 77DB5497 and D7EE8C96.

How do you get Rare Candy on Pokemon firered?

you find rare candy in the random pokeballs

Pokemon Yellow rare candy?

You can get rare candies in pokemon yellow

How can you duplicate rare candy in Pokemon emerald version?

use the Pokemon cloning glitch and have the cloned Pokemon hold the rare candy.

How do you duplicate rare candy with breeding Pokemon in fire red?

Give a rare candy to a random breeding pokemon

How do you get 100 rarecandys in Pokemon LeafGreen?

first u need two gameboys and one leafgreen and one just follow these steps 1st.get one rare candy in emerald and go battle frontier(after u beat the leaAGUE)2nd.go to the main battle area.give the rare candy to a Pokemon.3rd. then duplicate the Pokemon(if u now how to,lol)4th.after duplicating take the rare candy off the u see 2 rare candys5th.if u want 100 u need to keep on doing the same prosses(warning! if u keep on duplicating, the memorie can be deleted or the game could be stuffed ,so don't duplicate too many times)lastly.give a rare candy to a Pokemon and trade through leafgreen and emerald

How do you get a elactabuzz in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Not in Pokemon leafgreen only in Pokemon Firered never ever in Pokemon leafgreen And in Pokemon firered it is rare in power plant not available in Pokemon leafgreen?

How do you level up faster on Pokemon emerald?

You can make a pokemon eat a rare candy and the pokemon will automatically level up, that is if you have a rare candy.

Where is the rare candy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in the under where yo fisrt meet lady venus the fisrt bottom door on the rigth and team snagem hidout

What items does meowth pickup in Pokemon leafgreen?

mostly berries but they can also pick up rare candy pp up and very rarely a nugget

Where do you catch a magmar in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

It is rare on One Island

Where are the rare candies in Pokemon platinum?

You can find a rare candy in wayward cave! I already found the rare candy there!