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Get Rid of Carpenter AntsSome people believe you can't get rid of them yourself, but you need to call an exterminator.

Others use a product purchased at Home Depot or similar store, which is a small bottle of carpenter ant liquid concentrate killer that you mix with water in a pump sprayer.

One such concentrate is made by the Zap pest control Company and the proportion of mix to water is:

1/2 fluid oz to 1 gal. water for carpenter ants, crickets, etc.

1 fluid oz to 1 gal. water for roaches, fleas, Spiders

Follow the directions on the label. This can be used indoors or outdoors.

It is also noteworthy that mother nature uses insects to compost dead wood and most human dwellings are made of biodegradable materials, such as wood. The carpenter ant does not generally start attacking strong wood, but the already weak parts assisted by water damage (such as leaks in the roof, sinks, water areas of a house, tree stumps outside), so finding the ants will show the homeowner early water damage.

Homeowners can actually get two products that work well enough that you might not really know where the colony is and still get rid of them. One is Advance Carp Ant Granules, the other is Max force Carp Ant Gel. I find ants are more found in just hollow areas in the structure rather than actual wet wood, though looking for damaged wood from water or termite would be a good start.

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Q: How do you get rid of Carpenter Ants?
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How can one get rid of carpenter ants in a home?

There are multiple ways of getting rid of carpenter ants in a home. One of the most commonly used is getting a pesticide called 'Timbor' and applying it around the house, where there are the most ants. The pesticide will get rid of the ants, however it is harmless to people and pets.

What is the best way to get rid of carpenter ants?

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The difference between flying ants and carpenter ants or are all flying ants carpenter ants?

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Are there any ant traps or poisons to get rid of carpenter ants that are pet safe?

Niban is a great product.

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What are carpenter ants and how do you get rid of them if they were insects.?

Carpenter ants are ants that make their habitat in wood structures, like trees or homes. They are not as destructive as termites, because they don't eat the wood. An exterminator is a good idea, or you can also buy chemicals if you want to attempt to eliminate them yourself.

Do carpenter ants eat drywall?

Carpenter ants do not eat drywall or wood. They hollow it out to nest in it.

Can someone give me some information on carpenter ants?

Those ants are like termites. They ruin funiture and houses. An exterminator needs to be called to get rid of these. There is not any over the counter product strong enough to get rid them completely.

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Visit your local hardware, and ask what is the best ant killer. After the ant killer is placed and the ants are attracted to the bait, DO NOT CLEAN UNTIL SOME ANTS HAVE RETURNED TO THE NEST. Then clean the area and you should be rid of the ants. If you have a cement slab it is best to keep ant killers around.

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