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How do you get rid of Downloaderobfuskated located on your c drive?

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find the remove or add programs setting

2006-08-28 21:04:13
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Q: How do you get rid of Downloaderobfuskated located on your c drive?
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How can you get rid of viruses?

an asy FREE way, is to delete system 32 in the C drive

Where is avast virus chest is located in computer?

in c drive

How do you format window XP drive c?

If your OS is located at C: drive then you will have to use a bootable floppy or CD. After booting from floppy or CD,you can go to command prompt and them type format C: And if your OS is not located at C then you can do that while running windows xp.

Where is the the program files folder located?

Usually on the C drive of your harddisk.

Where is your browser located on your computer?

It lives on your hard drive (drive c:) in what application were do I find the javascript so I can enable it..

Where is syswow64?

It is located on your C drive under windows. The apth would look like the following C: Windows/SysWow64

Will Windows 7 be removed if you format the hard drive?

If you format a hard drive that contains Windows, it will be removed. Formatting a drive gets rid of all of the information on it. However, you can right-click your C:/ drive and click format, but it will not allow you if your current OS is running on that drive.

How do you delete RuneScape?

Easy, remove the downloaded "cache" from your "program files" located in your c: drive.

You want to create a backup of your C drive named as C Drive Backup and write the data to a new tape named C Drive?

ntbackup backup c:\ /j "C Drive Backup" /n "C Drive Backup Tape"

Does hard disk comprises of only c drive?

If you don't have a DVD drive then it is th C:// drive and the D:// drive. However, if you do it is only the C:// drive.

How do you hide the drive c?

DRIVE C IS KNOEN AS WINDOW DRIVE,SO ITS DIFFICULT TO HIDE DRIVE C.... but if you wnt to do so ,then install your window inanother drive......

How Get into c drive on command prompt?

To get into the C drive using command prompt, type "c:" If you want to look at the things in C drive, type "mem /c" or "dir /c"

What is the purpose of c drive located on the computer?

This depends, generally the C drive is where Windows (the operating system), your programs, and your own personal files (such as the files on your desktop and in "My Documents") are kept. However note that all three of these things can be installed on any drive letter, C is the most commonly used however.

Laptop computer saving documents to wrong hard drive C not D?

Your computer is set up to use drive C as a primary, assuming this is where the Windows folder is located. To save files on another hard drive, click on download and change the download destination, or you can save it to C then move it later.

When you save to drive D why does Drive C have less storage?

Because Drive D has more space than Drive c because of their differents EXAMPLE : Drive D is data. Data is important so it has more room than drive C , Drive c of course is just C ,so that makes Drive C less important! C is just its name nothing fancy.

What is c and C mean on files on drive?

Main Hard Drive

What is an c drive?

C: drive is the main hard drive on your computer. Hard drives are identified by letter, with C: being reserved for the first bootable drive in a computer.

How do you create a directoryfolder called Kenya in Drive C?

Are you asking how do you "rename" the C drive? or how to place a folder in C drive named Kenya?

What is a D drive used for?

It is just another area on the hard drive for you to store data. There is no difference between the C and D hard drive. Although many computer manufacturers split a hard drive in 3 parts. 1 is a hidden partition that basically stores the factory system restore program, the second is the C drive, and the thrid is the D drive which can be used as a backup for the system. You may use disk management (vista only) or a thrid-party partition editor (recommed for xp or lower) to resize your partitions if you want to get rid of the D drive to increase space on the C drive.

What is the definition of storage space?

it is when your c drive is out of space it is when your c drive is out of space

What is mean by file in c?

A file in C means a file found in your computer's C Drive. Start > My Computer > C Drive

Where to find config new in crossfire?

you can find 'config new' file in the Program Files of Crossfire, located in your C drive.

What is the C Drive do on computers?

The "C" Drive is a non-removable drive that stores multiple computer programs and/or documents on the hard drive of the CPU.

How do you get rid of widow shopper on your computer?

OK. open type in ATTRIB SHOPPERS REPORT.DLL -R fixed? And dlete shoppers report in you c or d drive.

How can you extend c drive partition storge size?

To extend C drive, there must be some contiguous unallocated space on the right side of C drive.