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This May Only Be Ringworm+++++Or Jock Itch They Are All The Same. Caused By A Fungus. Don`t Be Alarmed By This Statement. There Is A Medicine Your Doctor Can Give You In Pill Form That Should Take Care Of This. In The Interm Try Gold Bond Anti-Itch Cream. Be Sure To See Your Doctor. This Is What It Sounds Like You Have. Good Luck

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Q: How do you get rid of a rash that looks like mosquito bites if it is very itchy and spreading around your body?
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Why do mosquito bites last so long?

Mosquito bites last so long for a few reasons. One of these reasons it that it is itchy and you scratch it.

How do people get mosquito bites?

usually a mosquito bites you and the reason you get an itchy little bump is because you are allergic to its saliva. usually a cure to this itch is hydroquarterzone crew. a

Do white ants bites or stings?

I'm allergic to sand flies mosquito and ant bites what can i use to stop it from itchy ?

What should I do I have lots of mosquito bites and they are very very itchy?

I currently have ALOT of mosquito bites all over my legs. Get lotion or cream that would be for poisin ivy/oak and put it wherever you have them.

What are the little itchy red bumps on your arm?

they are ever rashers or mosquito bites, nothing to worry about, just dont ichh them

What to do for itchy mosquito bites?

I'm tempted to say scratch it. Actually, though, should putting Vicks Vaporub on the bite.

Why are mosquito bites itchy?

Because the host's immunitary system attacks substances contained in the mosquito's saliva, releasing histamine, which causes ithc.

Why do mosquito bites and other bug bites itch?

When a mosquito punctures the skin, she releases a small amount of her saliva into the wound. The immune system reacts by releasing histamine, which causes the blood vessels around the puncture to swell. This causes the red bump. The swelling can irritate the nerve endings in that area, resulting in an itchy sensation.

What kind of rash starts as tiny itchy bumps then spreads into itchy patches that look like mosquito bites?

it might be a ring worm ask your doctor, but more likely it is a staff infection

Why does it itch when you get bit by mosquito?

When a mosquito bites into you it leaves it saliva and when it is done or disturbed the saliva is still in you. Once the body's immune systems get at the saliva it produces many antibodies in which attach to the saliva. Then the antibodies release histamine which creates that pinkish,itchy bump where the mosquito bit you.

What could a red rash on the neck be which is extremely itchy and has several raised lumps like insect bites and appears to be spreading?

It could be an allergic reaction to something.

Are bed bug bites itchy?

Bed Bug bites are VERY itchy & leave ugly dark blemishes from the constant scratching.

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