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I use dynamite to get rid of mine.

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What models of toasters are there?

Toaster(normal) and toaster oven.There's also a microwave toaster....

What is the construction of a toaster?

construction of a toaster ?

What is the average weight of toaster?

the average weight of a toaster is a couple of pounds it depends on the toaster

Which is better strawberry toaster strudels or blueberry toaster strudels?

Blueberry toaster strudels

What is a sentence with the word toaster?

I forgot to plug in the toaster when I went to make toast.

What happens if you put cheese in a toaster?

You will ruin the toaster. It will melt in the toaster and be impossible to clean out. Then it will burn and smell every time you use the toaster.

How is a toaster different from a computer?

A toaster has no memory.

What is the meaning of bread toaster?

ang bread toaster ay isang bread na toaster

How do you cook English Muffins toaster or toaster oven?

I have always done it in a toaster, but there is no difference really.

What are the advantages to a toaster over versus a toaster?

Toaster oven you can bake in foods that can not go into a toaster,its almost like a mini oven with more advantages

Can my toaster oven cook a bagel better than a traditional toaster?

If we're not talking about a toaster than has extra-wide slots, the answer is yes. When trying to pry a bagel out of a traditional toaster, the toaster usually wins. A toaster oven eliminates this daily tug-of-war.

When you use a toaster why does toast pop up and the bread disappears?

Magic. The toaster eats it. Bad toaster.

How many people invented the toaster?

2 people inventeded the toaster 2 people inventeded the toaster

Whats the max heat of a toaster?

It can depend on what toaster you have! The maximum for a toaster heat is probably 100 degrees

A toaster draws 8 A of current with a voltage of 120 V Which is the power used by the toaster?

The voltage is the main power of a toaster!! but if the current flow is low the heat of the toaster is less heat that you expect, the 8 A is right for your toaster!!!

What a toaster is made out of?

A Toaster is made out of steel and plastic.

What rhymes with coaster?

toaster, boaster Poster and Toaster

How has a toaster evolved?

are u doing toaster too

What movie has the talking toaster?

the brave little toaster

How do you you say toaster in french?

toaster or grille-pain

Does a toaster has cells?

Unless your toaster is alive, it has no cells

Is the toaster a compound machine?

is a toaster a compound machine?

How does a toaster know when the toast should pop up?

there's a timer in the toaster. it's related to how powerful the toaster is. ex. stronger toaster= bread toasted faster

How much volts does a toaster use?

You can usually find the number of volts (and watts) on a sticker under your toaster. My toaster can hold 4 pieces of toast, and uses 120 volts, but it will vary for different toaster companies, and sizes of the toaster.

What do you put in a toaster?

Bread, you cant put toast in a toaster!!! then you will have burnt toast!!! you can also put crumpets in the toaster.